Solid Gold Wold Cub Large Breed Puppy Dog Food Review

solid gold wolf cub large breed puppy dog food

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Solid Gold Wold Cub dog food is meant for large and medium-sized dogs. The food is manufactured by Solid Gold, a company that has been running for about 40 years now. Their foods have been noted to be highly nutritious to dogs. This particular meal is highly rich in proteins, and this is one of the most important nutrients to dogs. It also contains other important but rare nutrients such as plant-based Omega-3.

This article will focus on the nutritional value of this Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed puppy dog food, the exact ingredients included, and some of its pros and cons.

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About Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy Dog Food


Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed puppy dog food is made using high-quality ingredients. The main ingredient in this particular Solid Gold product is bison, which is a quality source of protein. Its second ingredient is ocean fish meal. This is a meat concentrate that contains a lot more protein than fresh fish. For this reason, it also contributes with a high percentage of the total protein content to this meal.

For energy, the recipe offers brown rice. This ingredient is rich in complex carbohydrates. Brown rice is quite easy for dogs to digest. As a result, you don’t need to worry about any gut reactions. Peas are also included as a source of carbohydrates, although they are also rich in proteins.

The manufacturer of this food added canola oil as a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is an essential nutrient that helps to reduce inflammation. Therefore, it helps to control allergies. It also helps to reduce itching and dry skin.

Oatmeal is also included in this food. It is a significant source of B-vitamins and fiber.

Other ingredients have been included in small proportions. They cover pea protein, dried eggs, rice bran, tomato pomace, flaxseed, salmon oil, chicory roots, and lentils. Chicory roots contain inulin, a compound that is rich in dietary fibers and probiotics. This means it aids in the growth of healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut. Salmon oil, although not included in significant proportions, is a great source of quality Omega-3 fatty acids.

Dried eggs are easy for dogs to digest. They have also been noted to have high biological value.

This food is made using only natural ingredients. It does not contain artificial preservatives or fillers such as corn. Also, it does not contain potato.

It is important to note that this dog food is balanced and complete. If you serve your dog additional treats and snacks, you might alter their diet balance, especially since you need to stick to the feeding guidelines.

Nutritional Value

The ingredients of dog food don’t necessarily indicate the nutritional value it offers to dogs. For this reason, you should consider the list of nutrients and their proportion in the Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed puppy dog food recipe.

  • Protein- 26 percent (minimum).
  • Fat- 12 percent (minimum).
  • Fiber- 4 percent (maximum).
  • Calcium- 1 to 1.3 percent.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids- 0.8 percent (minimum).
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids- 2 percent (minimum).

The Omega-3 Fatty Acids in this meal is of the highest quality, specifically DHA and EPA. These help to support brain development in the dog, in addition to reducing allergic reactions. Omega-3 in this dog food is obtained from flaxseeds, canola oil, and salmon oil.

Although fiber is not an essential nutrient for dogs, it helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It also improves digestion in your dog. That is why the manufacturer of this meal included the nutrient. In this food, fiber is mainly obtained from lentils and oatmeal.

This meal also includes chelated minerals. Note that these are minerals that are attached to proteins, and as such, are a lot easier for dogs to absorb.

The Daily Required Portions

Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed puppy dog food should always be served with water. This way, you make it more attractive to your pooch. The specific servings will be based on the weight of your dog, its level of activity, and its general health. External conditions such as temperature might also affect the ideal daily servings.

The manufacturer recommends that the servings be split into two daily meals. Here are some feeding guidelines based on the weight of your pet:

  • 16 to 30 pounds- 1.25 to 2.25 cups.
  • 31 to 45 pounds- 2.25 to 3 cups.
  • 46 to 60 pounds- 3 to 3.5 cups.
  • 61 to 75 pounds- 3.5 to 4.25 cups.
  • 76 to 100 pounds- 4.25 to 5.25 cups.
  • More than 100 pounds- 5.25 cups with an extra half a cup for every 10 pounds of body weight.

If your dog is on a different diet at present, you will need to transition slowly. This way, its digestive system does not overreact. The transition can take up to 10 days. After this period, your pet will be ready to settle on Solid Gold Wolf cub large breed puppy dog food fully.

Pros and Cons of Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed Puppy Dog Food


  • The meal is highly nutritious and can serve as a complete meal to your dog.
  • It is free of artificial preservatives, meaning it is safe for your dog’s health.
  • It is not made with fillers such as corn. Dogs react negatively to foods like corn and as such, will not have any digestion problems with this food.
  • This diet supports healthy brain development in dogs.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • A trusted company with a large history behind it represents the manufacturer of this recipe.


  • It is pricey.


Solid Gold Wolf Cub large breed puppy dog food is one of the best and most nutritious dog foods you can ever find. It combines many ingredients in various proportions to come up with a holistic meal that is balanced. Your dog will not even need extra treats or supplements since all important nutrients are included in this meal.

All the ingredients used to make this meal are natural and safe for your pet. It is important for you to stick to the recommended feeding plan, although that can be adjusted, depending on the health and lifestyle of your dog. If you have trouble figuring out the exact portions to feed your dog, you can visit your vet for guidance.

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