Precise Large Breed Puppy Food Review

precise large breed puppy food

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Are you looking for a nutritious puppy food to ensure proper growth? Several popular dog food brands are filled with additives while lacking the true nutrition your puppy needs. Large breed puppies grow incredibly fast. Therefore, they need proper amounts of protein and calcium to keep up with the growth.

Precise large breed puppy food offers an appealing solution to this issue! Their food is packed with balanced amounts of the protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs to grow. This food is a great option for health-conscious dog owners who are looking for natural, holistic formulas.

precise large breed puppy food

About Precise Large Breed Puppy Food

Holistic Ingredients

The highest-quality ingredients are utilized during the production of Precise large breed puppy food from Precise Pet Products. They have set the standards high for their safety inspections and choose only to use whole grains.

This puppy food doesn’t contain traces of dairy, wheat or corn. On top of that, Precise promises that they never use animal by-products. Puppy owners can rest assured that their dog is eating real food, which produces better health and a happier system.

Large breed puppies are known for being highly active. With that impressive energy comes the need for strong bones. When your puppy is growing rapidly, there is the possibility of weakened legs in case they don’t receive proper nutrition. Precise is well aware of such dietary requirements. Therefore, they account for it in a number of ways with their puppy food.

Strong Bones and Muscles

Precise employs a balance of calcium and phosphorous to reserve nourishment for creating a strong foundation for puppy bones. They continue on to add in proper levels of protein to aid muscles as they expand. These muscles are strained as the body grows, which is why they need quality nutrition to counter the growth rate.

Without proper protein, dogs can feel weakened and disproportionate. This condition can affect their joints in the long run. After all, protein contains the building blocks for the body. Conversely, though it may seem that growing puppies should ingest high levels of protein, that isn’t exactly true.

When too much protein is ingested, it cannot be stored and results in an overkill of nutrients. As always, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

With high protein diets comes numerous calories. This can lead to unhealthy fat gain, even in puppies. Furthermore, protein ingredients contain extra phosphorus and calcium, which can disrupt the balance of minerals for proper bone production.

This is why Precise makes sure to use the optimal amount of protein. The company understands that the dosage is too important to overlook in their successful recipes.

Nutritional Value

Now that we’ve discussed the key ingredients of Precise large breed puppy food, let’s talk about why the formula is beneficial. On the food label, pet parents can find a detailed analysis of the ingredients for transparent nutrition. The company has even conveniently broken the ingredients into percentages of protein, healthy fats, calcium, fatty acids, and more.

Are you annoyed with only knowing what is in your dog’s food from the marketing labels? With Precise large breed puppy food, you’ll know the exact amounts of each ingredient he is ingesting. Often, health-conscious pet parents craft their dog food at home due to the concern of the unknown in packaged brands. However, with Precise, let them do the work for you with the same healthy ingredients to boot.

Healthy Fats for a Beautiful Coat

Healthy fats are nearly as important as protein and calcium when it comes to your puppy’s stage of life. These Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids help your dog’s skin and coat keep up with the rapid growth.

Without the proper levels of healthy fats, your dog could develop a flaky, itchy coat. They may begin showing signs of allergies with licking and scratching, accompanied by extremely coarse fur.

For large breed puppies, they can grow at such a fast rate that there may be visible growth even overnight. Due to how quickly their bodies change, they need the proper oils and fats to help their coats stay healthy.

Without those proper levels of fatty acids, their coats can lag behind while their bones and muscles transform. With their formula, Precise eliminates the need to give fish oil supplements while helping your dog maintain a healthy coat.

Pros and Cons of Precise Large Breed Puppy Food

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Price Is High

Precise large breed puppy food is bursting with real nutrition. However, the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” applies. You may want to check your budget before grabbing one of these bags, as the price tag is hefty. A thirty-pound bag of this puppy food averages around a shocking $56.

However, if you are concerned about putting your dog’s health first, is there a price too high? Studies have hinted that better nutrition helps prevent heartbreaking demises in dogs. Regardless of the price, it’s worth consideration.

All-Natural Nutrition

Though the price may be steep, so are the pros. No additives, no fillers, completely all-natural, balanced nutrition. The proper levels of protein, calcium, and fatty acids within this dog food help your puppy grow strong, not fat. Too many popular puppy food brands fill their formulas with fat, which doesn’t provide the nutrition your dog needs.

The Preferred Choice

Precise large breed puppy food is unquestionably a great option for boosting your growing dog’s health. The proper levels of balanced fats versus protein and calcium far surpass other brands on the market. This formula aims to help your dog not just grow large, but grow steadily with strong bones and muscles. The level of quality, care, and safety-concerns Precise adheres to is admirable and exactly what most dog owners prefer.

This food is crafted from real ingredients, which means you’ll be giving your dog a treat with the enhanced flavor! Have you tried Precise large breed puppy food? If you haven’t, your dog will thank you when you do! If you have, please share your experience with us–we’d love to know!

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