Why Dogs Are Considered A Mans Best Friend (15 Reasons)

Dogs are mans best friend and always have been. The strong emotional connection between dog and man have made dogs the best pet in the world. There’s something about having a dog as a pet that makes you feel safe, at home, and not lonely. Dogs are always there for you no matter how bad of a day it was or how bad of a mood you’re in. They don’t care at all about where you were and what your doing as long as you come home to them as soon as you can. Dogs are always looking out for you and never let you down whether it be snuggles or a shoulder to cry on. There is a mans best friend movie that you can check out about a dog being mans best friend and why dogs are the best pets.

1. Dogs  Are a Living Breathing Vacuum Cleaner


As mans best friend, a dog has a responsibility to clean up after his owner. They always clean up the floor when your done with a meal or a snack. Especially with babies, they love cleaning up the mess no matter what the food and circumstance is.

2. Dogs Always Make You Laugh When You Don’t Want to Smile

On the terrible days when you don’t even want to smile, dogs will dive off the kitchen table or dig their nose into your neck to make you giggle even in the least bit. They always find a way to make themselves the best thing that happened throughout your day. When you can’t smile, just let the dog take over and you will not be let down. When you are laying in bed and done with the day where the dog is bored and looking for things to do, they’ll never fail to make you laugh.

3. They Never Fail to Take Up the Whole Bed

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Somehow, mans best friend always decides they want the whole bed to themselves. It’s always the owners fault for letting their dog sleep with them the first time, because then ever night from there on out they believe that they are entitled to the whole thing. They’re always there when you want to snuggle in the middle of the night and they’re always present when you have a bad dream. Sometimes they’ll even come snuggle up on your neck and in-between you and your spouse.

4. Dogs Exercise With You

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Dogs are mans best friend also because they are always on the lookout for your health. Everyone needs to run and take walks every once in a while, and the best pets in the world will be the ones who do it with you. Dogs can easily train with you and pull you along the road as you try to run behind them. Its funny how they never get choked by the collar because of how much faster they are then humans but they never fail to be the best friend they were always named to be. Ever need an exercise buddy? Call your dogs name and you are set.

5. Improved Social Life


When there is noting in common, dogs are always the main thing to talk about. “Do you have a dog?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. When all else fails when you have company, call the dog and let them do their part. When in public, the dog forces you to speak to people by them going up to people and sniffing them all over. Even when you say sorry or excuse my dog, the social life is improved because it forces you to talk to people who you normally wouldn’t say a word to otherwise.

6. Dogs Sense When You Are Sad

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Have you ever noticed when you are crying or when you are sad, the dog remains closer to you than normal? When you cry in bed, your best friend comes running in and jumps on you to snuggle. Even when they don’t know how to respond to your emotion, they know something is wrong and change their behavior due to that sense.

7. They Keep You Safe

Guard dogs do their job perfectly by making their rounds around the house and attacking any strangers who come in. The bigger dogs respond to any unusual sound made in the house and sense danger from the start. They check up on their owners and their families by walking into each room and making sure they are okay.

8. Sometimes Dogs Are A DumbA**

Source: www.funny-animalpictures.com

They do the funniest stuff. Sometimes we can look at a dogs action and never stop laughing at what they are doing because it is so funny. There are endless vines and videos of dogs doing extremely stupid and funny things with a music fill in in the video.

9. You Never Eat Alone!

Source: http://barkpost.com

When you are at the kitchen table just look under the table or beside you and your best friend is always sitting very patiently making sure you don’t choke. It’s always nice to have extra company even when the table is full of people.

10. Short Term Memory Loss

Their short term memory loss means that no matter how awful you are or how bad you yell at them or treat them in any given moment, they will always come back to be mans best friend. Even a minute after an incident, you can call them over and they’ll be there ASAP.

11. Always Have Your Back

In a fight, always make sure your dog is around. And if they see any unusual violence against you they will always step in to protect you. This goes along with them making you feel safe at night and being your guard dog as well as your body guard.

12. Great Long Term Memory

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Another reason why dog is a mans best friend is because they have great long term memory. This means they’ll always remember what to do when you are sad or when you are lonely. They’ll always remember to get out of the way when the car is coming into the driveway and they’ll always remember not to run into the road when the cars are coming because of that first time they crossed where they almost got hit.

13. Will Make You Feel Less Stressed


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Dogs have always been said to be a stress reliever and there have been many tests and experiments to prove that.

13. Teach You How to Not Worry About Others Opinions

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Out of all the animals that are able to be in a house, dogs are the most likely to not give a rats rear about what other people think. They easily take craps in front of hundreds of people and are so comfortable around their owners to even crap in the house. That takes bravery.

14. Dogs Have an Amazing Sense of Smelling Cancer Faster

Source: www.torontosun.com

There have been accounts where dogs have been reported to smelling or licking a spot which is later showed to have cancerous areas. Like we said before, mans best friend is always looking out for their favorite person in the world.

15. Promotes Interaction

Source: www.health.harvard.edu

Dogs promote social interaction and actions with other dog owners on the street. They are always so friendly and social that their owners are inspired to do the same thing.


Best Dogs For Men

Source: www.thepetbeastro.com

  1. Redbone Coonhound
  2. Doberman
  3. Boxer
  4. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  5. Australian Shepard
  6. Husky
  7. Irish Wolfhound
  8. American Pit bull Terrier
  9. Dalmatians
  10. German Shepards

Best Dogs For Women

Source: www.lovepets.com


  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Spaniel
  3. French Bull Dog
  4. Pomeranian
  5. Poodle
  6. Pug
  7. American Foxhound
  8. Lab
  9. Chihuahua
  10. Scottish Terrier

Best Dogs For Kids

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

  1. Purebred Boxer
  2. Mastiff
  3. Old English Sheepdog
  4. Labrador Retriever
  5. Dalmatian
  6. Dogue de Bordeaux
  7. Golden Retriever
  8. Boston Terrier
  9. Newfoundland
  10. Mutt