Weird Facts About Dog Whistles

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Dog whistles are bizarre. They have a rich history of why they work and what they can be used for. Such a simple invention is now used worldwide to help dog owners train their pets. Here are a few weird facts about how dog whistles that may surprise you.

1.Dog Whistles Don’t Only Work On Dogs

When a person blows through a dog whistle the noise that is emitted is too high for humans to hear, creating a hissing sound, but is at a frequency at which animals are able to detect.  A normal dog whistle frequency is normally between 23 to 54 kHz when a human can normally only detect a sound up to 20 kHz. The high pitch dog whistle sound is not only detected by dogs, but also by cats. This sensitivity to high frequencies is said to be a survival mechanism for animals in order for them to be able to hear and locate their prey, especially mice. 

2.Dog Whistle Politics Is A Type Of Code

What is Dog Whistle Politics? Is that even a thing? Yes it is and here is a cool piece of knowledge you can use to impress all of your friends. Dog Whistle Politics is a group of code words that are only intended to be heard by a very select group of people, just like how a dog whistle can only be heard by dogs and other animals that can hear at that frequency. This normally pertains to the political realm that focuses and encompasses around ideas such as Racism, Economic Classes, and Religious Groups. Dog whistle politics isn’t exactly a good thing though. According to, it is typically used as a type of bigotry without sounding like one (source:

3.Dog Whistles Do Not Make Dogs Stop Barking Right Away

Contrary to popular belief, a dog whistle is not a quick fix to stop your pet from barking, although that can be a result of using one. The sound of the dog whistle only irritates the dog and stops it momentarily from barking. This momentary irritation distracts and stops the dog from whatever it is doing. By repeatedly blowing a dog whistle whenever a dog barks, the dog will soon learn to stop because of its dislike of the sound produced as a result of its barking. Thus, a dog whistle is also a useful tool in training a dog in ways like teaching it basic tricks. These tricks can include how to sit, how to roll over, and lay down. Here is a quick, short step process of how to teach your dog to sit taken from

teaching a dog to sit

4.There Are Many Types Of Dog Whistles

Just like dogs, dog whistles come in all shapes and sizes. This is important because certain breeds of dogs respond to certain frequencies. Besides having a physical dog whistle, there are a variety of dog whistle sound effects available online or through a dog whistle app. This is easy to find by simply searching the words “dog whistle” online or on Youtube.Physical attributes of a dog whistle determine the sound and pitch that is produced. For example, a smaller whistle would produce a much higher pitch compared to a larger whistle. There are primarily 4 types of whistles:

1. Silent Whistles

Silent whistles produce sounds that only the dog can hear. This kind of whistle is used for all dog types because it can easily adjust to different frequencies.

silent dog whistle

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2. Pealess Whistles

Pealess whistles lack a “pea” or ball which limits the amount of sound variation. These whistles are ideal for those who live in colder climates due to their design being less prone to freeze.

pealess dog whistle

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3.Whistles With A Pea

Dog Whistles with a pea are ideal for all dog types because of their ability to differentiate in audible sound. They are most used for dog training and are compatible with most dogs.

Orange Dog Whistle with a Pea

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4.Dual-Tone Whistles

Dual-tone whistles offer the owner two different types of sounds to used according to how their dog responds to both. These whistles can be pealess of include the pea.

Dual-Tone Dog Whistle

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As you can see dog whistles are not as simple as they may appear. From the variety of whistles to the effect they have on animals, dog whistles are complex instruments used for the advancement of a dog’s skills.


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