Top Rescue Dogs

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In a world where we are given the choice to get any dog that we want, why not get one that can protect us? There are several different types of rescue dogs that you can get that will protect you. These rescue dogs are also used for firefighters, police men, and other important jobs that consist of needing extra help.

1. Military Dogs


Military dogs are the number one top rescue dog because they are taught how to protect and serve. These dogs do so much as to cuddling to saving lives. Military dogs are used to detect bombs, and weapons. There are currently about 2,500 dogs in the military and about 700 deployed overseas serving the U.S. When dogs are given to the military only about 50% of them make it through military training. Dogs CAN end up with PSD otherwise known as post traumatic stress disorder from experiencing severe conditions during their time in the military.

2.Patrol Dogs


Patrol Dogs are one of the best type of rescue dogs that have been recorded. Patrol dogs are put through several different obstacles throughout their training. These dogs are much like military dogs but are not sent into the military, instead they are taught to protect and serve the community that they are in. These dogs do everything that military dogs are taught. For example, they are used to detect Arson and trace drugs that are being used to cause some type of harm to someone.

3. Brutis – The Hero


Brutis was 7 years old in dog years when he became a hero. Brutis attacked a snake that was going towards a young child which led Brutis to have a near-death experience from a bite wound that he had gotten from the snake. Brutis ended up getting the National Hero Dog Award which was very much deserved. Brutis not only put this childs life before his but he also made himself a hero that day. He has continued to make peoples hearts melt when they hear his story and he will continue to do so. He is one of the most remarkable “rescue dogs”.

4. Maya


The dog that put there life in danger to save their owners. One truly incredible dog, and story. After what Maya did she has and will never be forgotten about. Mayas owner was being viciously attacked by a man when Maya jumped in and did everything that she could to get the man off of her so her owner would survive and be okay. She didn’t stop at anything to make sure that her owner had the best safety that she could give.

5. Moti


He literally took a bullet to protect his family and is the 2007 dog of the year. Moto is a 5 year old German Shepard who saved his family. A masked intruder came into his familys home and Moti tried to distract the masked man by growling and barking over and over so eventually the gunman shot the dog and ran out of the house without harming any of the family members leaving Moti remembered as a hero. After Moti was shot he thankfully did not die and made a full recovery after the incident.

6. Rasta



Rasta is a hearing dog who is able to detect if dangerous animals are around or in the area that could cause potential harm. Rasta has such a good sense of hearing that one day her owner, Judy, and her were out in Washington D.C and Judy went to cross the street but Rasta heard a car speeding down the road and she tugged at there owner trying to get her to get off the street and Judy finally understood and backed up. The only injuries left on Judy was a little damage to the arm.

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