The Importance of Walking Your Dog

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Dog walking is an art and can be in your dogs best interest. They need the exercise and the commitment to remain strong and upbeat. It will help their energy level and create happy vibes between the owner and the dog. As they say, dogs are a mans best friend, and exercising that connection on an almost daily basis will help tremendously. Many pups can become overweight easily with the way we feed them. Going on walks with them is essential especially if you live in an apartment or have a small yard where the dogs cannot run around as much as they need to.

This can be the perfect opportunity for you to get your daily exercise in for the day as well as your dogs. Dogs need about an hour or physical activity per day, as well as humans do, so why not do it together so you can snuggle and nap on the couch after!

If you do not have the time or effort to get up and walk your dog due to a job, kids, or other situations, there are dog walking services which can be found online or around the community. Any high school or college kid would love to walk dogs on a daily for extra cash to get them through the toughest years of their lives. Dog walking rates can be deciphered based on your preference and willingness as well as the walker him/herself.

Learn how to walk your dog with love as you change the pace, tap, and explore new areas of nature with your best friend. If you have a yard for them to run around in, you can create your own ways of getting them to exercise without having to walk them everywhere, which can also be found below.

Dogs are always wanting their favorite person to play with them and take them outside. Every time you stand up they’re hoping that your getting up to go outside with them, so why not make it happen once a day and take them for a walk around the town or neighborhood.

See… look how badly this dog needs to run around and all he wants is his best friend to spend some time with him. How could you say no? The leash is already there and ready to go because maybe the dog is smart enough to bring it to you or hint at the fact that there are many importances in dog walking. Walk your dog in love or let someone else do it.

If you yank at their collar and pull them around everywhere, it will only hurt them more than it will help them enjoy their time outside.

Dog Walking Rates:

Below you will find a list of the average dog walking rates. They can range anywhere from 7 dollars to 45 dollars depending on the walker, person, and dog.

Here are the dog walking rates that should people normally charge.

5 half hour walks- $65.00-$80.00

10 one hour walks- $135.00-$190.00

If you break it down, it does not add up to much per walk and is a decent rate for walking a dog.

If your wondering… How much should I pay my dog walker?

Click HERE to see random peoples answers to that question and compare to the price you are willing to pay. They are all around the same rate and have variables like where they’re being walked and how long they’re being walked for into play. There are also training camps for dogs and puppies that include dog walking in their program. Along the same line, some dog walking companies offer training on the actual walks as well as just the walking and taking care of.

Training your dog to walk on a leash is not hard at all because they should typically already be used to the feeling. As long as you find a way to train them to not run ahead and pull you forward, then you should be golden. There are ways that you can surely achieve that with no problem. Maybe to start, every time they wait for you and do not pull you forward you could reward them with a treat.

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