Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Here you will learn all about small dog breeds that have been named either as family friendly or kid friendly. Most friendly dog breeds start from the home behavior and environment that the dog is surrounded by. If the dog is raised right and is able to have the right amount of freedoms and punishments, then the dog will be kid friendly and know how to respond in social situations as well as pressured ones.

All you need to know about small dog breeds will be included in this article. From large dog breeds to small dog breeds, to kid friendly, to apartment friendly, you will gain information about every possibility and every kind of dog breed that would fit for you. Find your perfect dog whether the purpose be to have a friend or find the perfect dog for your kids. Life is better when you can share it with your best friend, so why not take the time and make it a ind of dog breed that is perfect for you, your family, and your home.

10 Best Small Dog Breeds (That Don’t Shed)

1. Australian Terrier


This dog breed originated in Australia and is one of the top dog breeds that sheds less than many others. In a list among many other dogs that shed very little, this one ranks among the top. The Australian Terrier is very kid friendly and energetic, so the kids will always be entertained. Some of the best kinds of dog breeds are the most foreign and unique dogs to be found. This is one of them and you can benefit greatly from this dog whether it be in an apartment or a small house.

2. Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is a type of dog that sheds little to no hair at all. The only requirement/suggestion that we give you for this specific dog breed is that you occasionally get it groomed. The hair can easily get dirty and matted together because of how white and delicate it is. These are not very friendly depending on the environment around them because their type of dog breed is rather feisty. They are always cheerful and outgoing for the most part, with an occasional case of a very affectionate and gentle dog. Their life span is anywhere from 12-15 years, and having them be in a home instead of an apartment would be the preference because of their temperament and attention span. They need space to run around and be free. Bichon Frise are often to be recommended for people who have allergies.

3. Bolognese


Originating from Italy, the Bolognese make great house pets. They are cheerful and extremely devoted to their owners. Bolognese tend to be perfect for families because they have an amazing sense for their owners body language and they respond according to their assumptions. This dog breed is small but can stand his own and prove to be very strong for his size. They often respond well while being around or with other dogs and have a great attitude pertaining to those types of situations.

For those of you with allergies, this dog is great because it doesn’t shed! On the other hand, Bolognese are hard to find are are difficult to take care of because of their needs and separation anxiety. Visit to find more pro’s and con’s of a variety of different dogs.

4. Brussels Griffone

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Brussels were officially noticed in 1910 and are noticed to be composed of four different colors, having no specific identifying markings. They are a small and doable size for anyone of any age and don’t have an overwhelming amount of energy. Brussels are great for people who are looking for a dog who doesn’t shed or sheds very little or has allergies. They do need to be groomed every so often so their fur does not mat together. They rank in the top 100 dog breeds ever! As far as their behavior goes, they are always loyal, alert, and happy.

5. Italian Greyhound


The Italian Greyhound is small and has medium energy. They’re in the top 100 dog breeds according to For as playful as they are, they are very sensitive and fragile. If you’re looking for a dog that is highly affectionate and fun to be around at the same time, the Italian Greyhound may be the dog for you. Shedding almost no hair at all, they are easy and low maintenance with their short covering.

6. Toy Poodle


Toy poodles are very athletic and move delicately. Their fur is usually non-shed and very easy to take care of for those people with allergies. They come in a variety of different colors and have been scientifically proven to be easy to house break, potty train, and love on. The only hard parts have to do with making sure you pick the type of dog that is not high strung, which means carefully avoiding the strings that are high strung. They are very sensitive to loud noises and tension, so they must be within a happy household.

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7. Welsh Terrier


These dogs are ranked among the top 115 dog breeds and are one of the most intelligent ones out there. Their level of intelligence its one of their key features and is able to be identified as one of their three major personality traits along with friendly and spirited.

8. West Highland White Terrier


These are commonly known as “wasties” just for a shorter way of saying it. They’re known for their long white coat of hair. Their life span can be anywhere from 12-16 years, ranging a higher life span than many other dogs. They are playful and friendly and great for people wit allergies or people living in small housing quarters. The “Wasties” can be classified under the allergy friendly dog breeds.

9. Maltese


In the Toy group, Maltese are one of the smallest dog breed. You may classify them as a friendly small dog breed or an apartment friendly dog breed, but they are one of the best dogs to be around kids. Obviously they need quite a bit of grooming if you decide to keep the fur long and beautiful as shown in the image above. All of these dogs listed are proven to be allergy friendly dogs and kid friendly dog breeds.

10. Mini Poodle


The mini poodle is one of the most friendly dog breeds and family friendly dog breeds. Although some are high strung and run high on energy, they are always friendly and have the very best intentions. Mini poodles have proven to be great for those people with allergies and they do not shed nearly as much as many other kinds of breeds. Not only are they cute and snuggly, but they are one of the best family dogs to have.

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Large Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed (TOP 3)

1. Standard Poodle


Poodles are among of the best family friendly dog breeds, and friendly large dog breeds. A major plus to them is that they do not shed and they are very easy to have in a house with people who have allergies or some kind of problem relating to animal hair.

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2. Komondor


Click HERE to read all about these big friendly fellas and get the information you’ve been looking for about this breed.

3. Irish Water Spaniel


Irish Water Spaniels are very high on energy and may or may not be kid friendly deepening on the type of child you have. They are medium-large in size and can be classified as hypoallergenic because they tend not to shed. Grooming is necessary to keep their fur from mating together. They definitely like the challenge which makes them super brave compared to many other types of breeds.