Small Dog Breeds With Long Hair That Don’t Shed

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Dogs have been considered a man’s best friend since the dawn of time, but nothing is worse than a dog that sheds.  The hair coats your clothes and your furniture.  There’s hair on the floor and every inch of your living space to the point where you could collect it all and make another dog.  So if you are looking for a small companion that will not leave fur everywhere, check out this list!



First to make the list is the small, but confident Affenpinscher.  This dog is known for being funny and fearless.  It’s active indoor lifestyle won’t leave fur behind while their running around your house or apartment.  The coat of the Affenpinscher is wiry which makes grooming minimal.  All they need to keep their coat healthy and neat is a quick brush twice a week and a little trim twice a year.



Basenji is a another small dog with energy that seems to exceed its size.  Ranked 91st in the top 100 popular dog breeds this dog is independent and smart.  They have a short haired coat of fur making grooming for them low maintenance.  Basenji barely sheds and because of the short hair, it doesn’t need to be brushed that often.  This dog is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle or just wants a friendly dog that’s good with family, friends, kids, and other dogs.

Bichon Frise


A small, white, fluffy dog.  What more could you ask for?  How about a curious and playful personality to go along?  This dog is also ranked in the top 100, in fact the top 50 at number 45.  Bichon Frise are minimal shedding dogs and are good for people with allergies.  Though the small downside of this small, white puffball is that their coat requires more care.  Unlike some dogs their coat is not fur, but hair.  To keep their hair nice it needs to be brushed daily to prevent any matting and haircuts are a definite need.

Irish Water Spaniel


Covered in loose looking curls that are really quite dense, the Irish Water Spaniel.  If you are one with allergies they may fit you.  These dogs produce less dander than most dogs.  They have an hypoallergenic coat too which means they don’t shed.  The only grooming they need is to be brushed every few weeks and have their hair trimmed once roughly every two months.



The best part about the Labradoodle is that not only do they not shed, but they are hypoallergenic.  This means if your sensitive to dog hair or dander you won’t have to worry about it with the Labradoodles.  Cross bred between a Lab and  a Poodle you get a happy dog with shaggy fur and a cute face.  They’re smart and sociable dogs that are perfect for any family because of the breeds happy and playful disposition.

Lhasa Apso


Known for its long hair, all around the Lhasa Apso is dog that does not shed.  They do need constant grooming including brushing and haircuts because their hair keeps growing.  If you choose to not to have the long hair on your Lhasa Apso, a popular haircut some owners choose for their dog is the puppy haircut.  It keeps the hair short enough so it does not have to be constantly cared for.

Maltese Terrier


The Maltese fits into the toy dog size and is gentle and playful.  They’re covered in silky, white hair that needs to be taken care of. They need daily brushing and grooming to their hair since it keeps growing.  This daily grooming will prevent mats in their long hair if their hair is kept that way.  Even though these dogs are small and slightly high maintenance, these little dogs are eager and energetic.

Miniature Schnauzer


Ranked very high at number 16 on the popular dog breed list is the miniature Schnauzer.  This small sized dog has a moderate amount of energy, but don’t let that deceive you.  The Schnauzer is friendly, obedient, and smart.  They are perfect for a family and since they’re highly intelligent, they can be trained to work well with kids.  The only grooming the miniature Schnauzer needs is weekly brushing and some grooming because their hair keeps growing.  It may sound like a chore but it is easily manageable.

Portuguese Water Dog


Not a perfectly small breed like the others on the list, but their size isn’t something to compromise.  They’re full of energy and are adventurous and athletic.  They’ll be a perfect dog for anyone that love to get outside and move around.  Their coat is hypoallergenic and they don’t shed much.  All they need is some regular maintenance to keep their coat well and neat.

Scottish Terrier


With a perfect balance of both size and energy, the Scottish Terrier.  These little dogs have a confident, independent and spirited personality with a distinct hairstyle.  Speaking of their signature haircut, Scottish Terriers have a coat of  fur that is easy to maintain.  All they need is to be brushed once a week and the rest of the week is as easy as running your fingers through their fur while you pet them.  Grooming only becomes more of a task when they have the signature Scottish Terrier cut where it is longer on the bottom.  Don’t let any of that scare you away because they’re dogs perfect for a family and good company on any walk.

Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu’s are hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed.  They’re a classic dog breed that ranks high in popularity.  With a lively and alert personality they have a nice coat to keep the attention on them.  Their coat is a double coat and needs to be brushed to keep the mats away.  It is only when you brush them that the hair comes out which means the shedding is truly to the minimum.

West Highland Terrier


Another small, white, fluffy dog to add to the list of dogs that don’t shed.  The Highland Terrier has a wiry, weather resistant coat that sheds very little.  To groom a Highland Terrier all it takes is stripping the old hair from the terrier’s coat to keep them looking healthy and neat.  An occasional groom helps too to keep their growing coat under control.  Since they’re pretty low maintenance dogs, they’re great for families with kids or other dogs.  They just have that lovable, happy personality that makes them hard to resist.

Yorkshire Terrier


A very small dog that is highly affectionate and spirited.  Typically these dogs are seen with long flowing hair and a little bow on the top of their head.  This isn’t always the case for them.  Some owners prefer to keep their hair kept short to make it easier to manage.  No matter how you choose to keep the Yorkie’s hair it will never shed, but they do need regular brushing to keep their hair looking nice and clean.  For their small size, Yorkies are good for families, but if there is younger children it may be harder to own a Yorkie because of how small they are.  Don’t let that stand in your way though of this small, cute dog.

When looking at the list of dogs keep in mind that you have to think what dog fits you best.  Maybe your lifestyle is much more active or you have a family.  All these dogs are lovable.  What puts them on this list is that they don’t shed and are smaller dogs.  Do your research and see what best suits you because dogs are friends that will last a lifetime.

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