Review of Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food

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taste of the wildIf you are the owner of a large breed puppy, you owe it to them to give them very best of everything, andthat includes their food.  Feeding a puppy the right food with the right mix of nutrients will determine how healthy of a dog they are for the rest of their lives, as this is how crucial a time in their life it is.

Large breed puppies also face several health disorders that smaller breed dogs do not.  Disorders such as tarsi (ankles), carpi (wrists), hip dysplasia, panostetis, and osteochonddrosis are all too common in large breed dogs, and can cause them a great deal of discomfort and pain.

One of the causes of these conditions is overfeeding dogs when they are young, while others are genetic in nature.  Overfeeding can cause leg bones to grow too fast, leading to a host of problems as they age.

To avoid problems such as these, you need a good puppy food you can count on to provide the nutrition they need.  One you may want to take a look at is the Taste of the Wild brand, as it is made especially for larger breed dogs.

Features of Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Food for Puppies

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”384″ identifier=”B006BU77F4″ locale=”US” src=”//” tag=”bestlargebree-20″ width=”320″]It is a simple fact of modern science that all breeds of dog today share much of their DNA with wolves.  After years of man directed evolution and domestication, what was once a potential foe of man has turned into our very best friend.  One thing that has not changed is their love of meat, and today, your dog needs the best nutrition available to live a long and healthy life.

This Taste of the Wild Food for Puppies delivers just that and more.  This good puppy food has a wide blend of protein sources and a hearty tasting formula that dogs are proven to love.  Anti-oxidants that puppies need to grow up healthy are provided by fruits and vegetables.

The grain free formula of this good puppy food gives puppies the digestible energy they need every day to be healthy and happy.  Made with a blend of fish for a premium source of protein, the taste of this food will satisfy your puppy’s taste buds.

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Roasted venison and bison make up this excellent tasting puppy food as well as lamb meal and chicken meal to round out the flavor. There’s no argument that this is one of best puppy food brands you will find for large breed dogs on the market today.

The wealthy amount of puppy food reviews on this Taste of the Wild brand leave a dog owner feeling confident in purchasing TOTW. Along with the fact that feeding this formula to a large breed puppy gives them a smooth and shiny coat as well as healthy skin, it’s become a top pick for thousands of dog owners.

It is easy for puppies to digest and gives them a consistent stool.  This is good puppy food with no low quality filler materials like you may find with lesser puppy foods for large breeds, so there is less chance of them becoming overweight and experiencing a number of associated health problems.

If you have been trying other puppy foods that either your dog did not like, or foods that caused the dog to have diarrhea, this Taste of the Wild brand is one you should check out.  It could mean the difference between a dog with a lifetime of health problems, or a healthy dog that is by your side for years to come.

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