Review of Eagle Pack Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food

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Eagle Packeagle pack is a trusted American pet food brand that has been loved by pet owners and pet trainers across the nation since 1985. The company’s first dog food formula was developed alongside veterinarians and trainers and is designed to meet the intense nutritional needs of police dogs, show dogs, guide dogs and sled dogs.

Eagle Pack understands that large and giant breed puppies and adult dogs such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Alaskan Malamutes, and German Shepherds have different needs than their small and medium sized Yorkshire and Terrier cousins.

The company prides itself on supporting the champion spirit in every dog whether they will grow up to become working dogs, show dogs, athletes, companion dogs or pets.

Eagle Pack offers performance driven nutrition for your large and giant breed dog throughout their puppy and adult years. The company makes a full line of top rated puppy foods and has one of the best large breed puppy foods on the American market.

All the company’s dog foods are designed to provide the natural nutritional support your puppy and adult dog’s everyday health with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined with supplements.G20-1

Eagle pack dog foods contain high-quality protein sources and wholesome grains and fibers. Each formula contains ingredients that support your dog’s skin coat and are fortified with vitamins and minerals that support immune system health. All of the company’s foods have no fillers or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

About Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food

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Eagle Pack offers six natural dry dog food formulas, including a chicken and pork meal adult formula, a lamb meal and brown rice adult formula, a small breed adult formula, a large breed adult formula and large breed puppy formula and reduced fat adult formula.

The large breed adult formula and the large breed puppy formula are designed to provide all the nutrition your large or giant breed dog needs as a puppy and as an adult.

Eagle Pack large breed puppy food and adult dog foods have an all-natural, performance proven formula.

Protein is the first ingredient, and the food contains no corn or wheat. It has guaranteed levels of probiotics as well as antioxidant support. It also contains omega fatty acids and DHA to support healthy growth in puppies who will grow to be over 50 pounds as adults. All these superior nutrients persuaded us to choose this brand as the best giant breed puppy food.

Dry dog food is easy to measure, and you can take it with you wherever you go. Bag foods also have less wasteful packaging than canned foods.

Eagle Pack is also American made. The company offers two dry food bag sizes. Choose a 15-pound bag that is easy to carry and store in a small space or upgrade to a 30-pound bag for added convenience and value.

Puppies Large and Giant Breed Nutritional Needs

Large and giant breed puppies grow fast and keep on growing long after their medium, and small cousins stop growing. Large breeds have a growth period that is nearly five months longer than that of small breeds, and large breed puppies will become adults in 15 months. Giant breed dogs have an even longer growth period and take from 18 to 24 months to reach adulthood.

Your large and giant breed dog has very different nutritional needs than smaller dogs. They have active temperaments and require a large breed dog food that is high in calories. Many large and giant breeds also suffer from joint problems and need high-quality foods to support bone and joint health.


Eagle Pack dry dog foods, provide all the nutrition your large and giant breed dog needs through its puppy and adult years. The food is natural and high quality. It supports strong immune systems, healthy eagle-packmuscle development, an optimal growth rate, and skin, coat, and brain and eye health.

It has the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates to help your large or giant breed dog stay lean and fit.

Eagle Pack takes the guesswork out of providing proper nutrition for your large and giant breed dog. The company provides recommendations for the amount of food your dog should eat so you won’t need to guess or worry that you are over or under feeding them.

Dry dog food is convenient to store and measure. Your dog will love the flavor, and you can use the food as a training incentive instead of buying treats that are high in flavor but low in nutrition.

Purina is another dog food brand that offers many options for different sized dogs and different ingredients.

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