Puppy Bowl- Everything You Need to Know

Looking for the puppy bowl lineup? If you have any questions about the one and only annual puppy bowl, keep reading. Everything you need to know about the puppy bowl is included in this article and can be used for many years to come. The puppy bowl is only going to get cuter and better each and every year and having the knowledge of what channel it’s on, where to find it, what it is, and how it works will benefit you greatly when you flip on the puppy bowl during the Super Bowl. For you ladies who cannot focus on watching the football game and cannot possibly deal with the screaming men anymore, just walk upstairs and flip on the puppy bowl for some tears of happiness and a cute overload. Through a series answers of frequently asked questions, you will know everything you need to for the 2016 puppy bowl. Stay up to date on these adorable puppies as their athletic career sky rockets once they step on the turf puppy field.

If your ready for puppy tackles, puppy play, puppy fumbles, and more puppy fun, flip on animal planet on puppy bowl Sunday for an experience you’ll never forget.

The puppy bowl is always the same day as the Super Bowl and serves as an alternative to watching the actual super bowl. Some ladies have a hard time keeping up with football and for some people, sports just isn’t their thing. The puppy bowl offers a cute escape from the constant commercials that the super bowl has. Sometimes when the commercials are playing, people will quickly flip on the puppy bowl instead of waiting blanklessly for the game to come back on. The puppy bowl has become very popular over the years and has grown into one of the most watched things all year. It is not trying to out do the super bowl at all, it is just trying to provide entertainment in the most adorable way possible.

When is the Puppy Bowl 2016?

Puppy Bowl 2016 is always on the date of the Super Bowl and it goes on for quite a long time. For those of you who cannot focus on the football game or get too frustrated at the coaching to continue watching, puppy bowl is a great alternative. It is ALWAYS the same day as the Super Bowl every year, not just in 2016.

What Channel is the Puppy Bowl On?

Animal Planet. You can stream this online or watch various clips of the puppy bowl from youtube or other sources but the best video will be seen right from animal planet on live stream. In the video from youtube found below, you will find humor in the professional refs dialogue and you will also see extreme encouragement and humor throughout the narration.

Puppy Bowl Lineup

All together, there is about 50-60 puppies that are directly involved in the puppy bowl. They receive a professional photo for their starting lineup pictures and are posted to animal planets website. They tend to be beautiful athletes who can focus on the game at the same time as being the most adorable things on earth. What keeps them going are the professional trainers and puppy people who are specifically trained to deal with large amounts of puppies coming together to play a game. They are very knowledgeable and have a keen understanding of what they need and the objective of their function. The line ups consist of a variety of different breeds and provide the proper kinds to form a well rounded team on both sides.

First it looks like we have the quarter back, standing straight up with a confident atmosphere around him. He will lead the team to a win and has very promising attributes.

Next we have the running back, this muscle head works his way through the middle with the ball and can shuffle through the hardest hitting puppies. He is the core back of the puppy team and can be used as an intimidation factor.

Here we come to the line…this big guy doesn’t let anyone through and is a strong and independent teammate as he does his job as best as he can. He is a meathead and is always in ready position. His slower ability vanishes when people find see how strong this guy actually is.

Maybe this one’s just there to be cute… cheerleader?


Find the rest of the lineup and more from previous years at http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl

Puppy Bowl MVP!

This puppies name is Leah. For a girl, she is mighty strong and passionate about football. She was crowned MVP of the Puppy Bowl one year because of her THREE touchdowns and passionate attitude about playing the sport she loves.

Puppy Bowl Halftime Shows

Top 10 Scores- Puppy Bowl Overview

Alumni of Puppy Bowl Remembers His Glory Days


Who Won The Puppy Bowl 2016?

Team Ruff was victorious over team Fluff in 2016’s Super Bowl. Star was the most valuable player and proved to lead his team to a solid victory over team Fluff. Team Ruff beat team Fluff by a massive amount of points by the first half. Click on the link below to see what happens in the second half as well as everything that happened in the first.

To watch a play by play of this game with narration and explanation, click HERE. Everything you need to know about the 2016 puppy bowl can be found there.

Puppy Bowl Training (How to Train Your Puppy for Sports)

First you need a nice and strong puppy for this huge task. This task may be very hard but it is not impossible. Just remember that puppies are still puppies and will have a wild spell every once in a while. Do not get frustrated because the only way to succeed at this task is to never give up and keep on trying. They will come around eventually. You want to get the proper environment for them to train in or they will not comprehend the objective behind this. Maybe getting a fake mini football turf field or painting it on the ground or maybe even putting green paper down on the ground will help the dog register the environment around it for the actual bowl. To begin, start with very basic training functions like sit and roll or run or walk. This will help their self control and teach them to stay true to themselves as well as their owner.

As you see in the puppy bowl videos, there are a large variety of different toys mixed in with a few footballs. You might want to start with the football so they gain a connection and a tie to it and then add in all the other toy, training the dog to pick the football out of them. This may be tough, so maybe an option is to stuff the football with a treat so they know that picking the football involves a reward. If this does not work then constantly remind the pup that the correct choice would be the football and if stuffing the football fails, then feed the pup a treat every time he runs with the football.

Canine Ranch: There are a variety of different puppy training clinics to send your dog to for a professional experience and a well trained dog. Click on the link below to go to the Canine Ranch Training Clinic webpage. There are a list of different commands you can try before taking it to the ranch.



Source: http://www.albertleatribune.com

Lake Mills: Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic works on behavior and is positive to have your puppy obedient and active when they leave. They have behavioral trainers that are professionals in behavior science and can be sure to be making the right decisions with your puppy. Click HERE to go to their webpage for signups.

Source: https://k9keltsdogtraining.wordpress.com