Must-See Dog Movies for All Dog Lovers Out There

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Even though we have our own dogs that we can physically love, it’s also nice at the end of the day and to cuddle up and watch a good dog movie. Dog movies range from happy, to exciting, to exhilarating, to downright sad, to the point where we’re sitting on the couch, shoveling in some ice cream and sobbing. Needless to say, dog movies are a real hit in a society that loves their little pooches. We’ve comprised a list of s0me of the best and most classic dog movies that you need to see if you haven’t seen them already.

Sad Dog Movies

Alright, I’m sorry that we had to start it out this way, but it’s unavoidable. Even though a lot of these movies are sad and tearjerkers, they’re still very great movies and are worth watching. Somehow, us dog lovers tend to get attached to a dog that we’ve seen 0n a screen for only 1 hour, but that’s normal, right? Below are some of the saddest, yet BEST dog movies to watch.

  1. Old Yeller


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    You’re crazy if you didn’t expect this to end up on the list somehow. Old Yeller is not only a sad, heart wrenching movie, it’s simply a classic. Whether you watch the Old Yellow movie or read the Old Yeller book, I bet you will end up in tears, but it’s totally worth it. At the beginning of the movie, you really don’t like him and it’s clear to see why because he’s a crazy, scoundrel. However, with his obedience and loyalty to his buddy Arliss, you can’t help but fall in love with the old dog. If you have not yet watched Old Yeller, I highly recommend you watch it, but I also recommend that you have a box tissues handy.

  2. Lassie

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    If you want to watch yet another classic dog movie, Lassie is one to watch for sure. The Lassie movie is set in the 1930’s, not only is it about a nice, loving dog, but it also shows the struggles in society with poverty and peril. This movie is not for those of the weakhearted, due to it’s dog abuse and even death. However, it’s a classic movie and is one that can’t ever be replaced.

  4. Marley and MeMarley-Me-marley-and-me-13563570-1600-1200


    Image Source: www.fanpop.comThe Marley and Me movie is one of the saddest movies I personally have ever watched. Having a few dogs of my own and raising them since they were puppies really struck home with me. Marley and Me is about a family of two who decide to just get a puppy one day, who turns out to be the craziest dog in the entire history of dogs. Even though Marley destroys everything in sight, you really can’t help but love her and her precious looks and actions. The best thing about Marley and Me is that it is based on a true story, which makes it a little more personal to the viewer. Overall, it’s a funny, cute, lighthearted movie that I believe everyone should watch sometime in their life.

  5. Because of Winn Dixie61TKZB4Z1XLImage Source:, so the Because of Winn Dixie movie isn’t exactly the saddest dog movie, but it’s still a tearjerker due to it’s moral lesson and the whole plot of the movie. The movie is about a girl Opal who only has her father left after her mom abandons them. After they move, they find a dog and name her Winn Dixie, who helps Opal realize what she really needs in life and her life is a wonderful thing. All-in-all, it has a great lesson and is really just a great story about a girl and her dog.
  6. Eight Below

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    Eight Below is another tearjerker movie that really tugs at your heartstrings. The movie is about two researchers who travel to Antartica to find part of a meteorite that has hit a mountain down there. The guide, Shepard, has a team of 8 dogs down there, which he will eventually have to abandon unwillingly due to bad storms arriving. The rest of the movie has a lot of ups and downs and is a rollercoaster ride the entire way through, which keeps you on your toes, but will most likely make you cry at some point. This is definitely another movie you will have to watch due to its fantastic storyline and everlasting exciting thrill.

  8. Hachi: A Dog’s Talehachi_a_dogs_tale_poster

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    Hachi is a heartwarming story about a dog who loves his owner and would do anything for him. There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie that you definitely don’t see coming and this movie will repeatedly break your heart, but is still a great movie nevertheless. Hachi is a loyal dog and will prove that time and time again in this Richard Gere dog movie. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is another must-see for all of you dog lovers out there.

Adventurous Dog Movies

Aside from crying and watching sad dog movies, there are actually funny, lighthearted dog movies in this world. Below are just a few of many movies where dogs are involved in the fun adventures in these movies.

  1. Scooby Doo

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    Everyone knows the good ol’ Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated gang from the old cartoons on Cartoon Network. However, I’m talking about the movie version which is not a cartoon. This Scooby Doo 2002 movie takes us on yet another adventure when Scooby and the gang travel to Spooky Island where they reunite to save the island from being haunted and shut-down. The plot is a little all over the place and sometimes the references are a bit obvious, but if you love Scooby Doo as much as any other cartoon, you will appreciate this spin-off. They also did make a sequel, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, which is just as fun and lighthearted as the original.

  3. Turner and Hooch

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    After witnessing some illegal activity, Turner takes Hooch the dog home with him because he thinks he’s the only witness. Throughout this Tom Hanks dog movie, Turner (Tom Hanks) and Hooch go an adventure together to solve a murder. Along the way, they also find love. All-in-all, it’s a fun movie to watch and is great if you like surprise endings.

  4. BenjiBenjiVHSsleev

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    Benji is one of those movies that takes you through a whirlwind and through a rollercoaster of emotions. Benji is a stray dog that lives in town, and is eventually kicked out when the mother finds out her kids have been feeding him. After going back to an abandoned building, Benji finds 3 people who have been kidnapped and goes through many efforts to save them. It’s a feel good movie and will definitely have you on the edge of your seat!

  5. Max635706655552255716-OFF-MAX-movie

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    Max is not just any movie. Max the dog is a pet that helps out soldiers that are in the service. After his owner Kyle dies while overseas, Max is sent back to America and lives with Kyle’s family and takes a liking to Justin, the younger brother. At first, Justin doesn’t want to take care of Max, but learns to love and trust him, and will even uncover the truth about his brother’s death thanks to Max. This is definitely a tearjerking movie, but also gives you a sense of bravery and pride after watching it because it’s a feel good movie, which I definitely recommend.

  6. Beethoven

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    There are plenty of Beethoven movies, and I mean Beethoven the dog, not the composer. The Beethoven 1992 film is about a dog who is kidnapped and manages to escape and is adopted by a really nice family. Although he’s a troublemaker, Beethoven does help the kids of the family through their typical 90’s problems in movies: talking to a girl, or even scaring off bullies. After Beethoven gets into trouble, he falls into the wrong hands at the vet, and the whole movie turns into whirlwind! Beethoven is just a fun movie to watch that’s full of good vibes and full of a lot of adventure.

Disney Dog Movies

  1. The Lady and the Tramp


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    Who doesn’t know the iconic Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene? The Lady and the Tramp is a classic Disney movie about a dog, Lady, who leaves her home after a baby is born and runs off to live the carefree life with Tramp, who she inevitably falls in love with. The story is undoubtedly cute and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, including adults, teenagers, and kids!

  2. The Fox and the Hound


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    This movie is a classic and definitely one of my favorite Disney movies. Todd and Copper, a fox and a hound (who would’ve thought, right?), become the best of friends and do everything and anything together. However, their friendship faces some trials and might tear them apart. This is definitely another feel good movie, that’s also unfortunately sad, but is worth the watch!

  3. Homeward Bound


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    Three animals that all live in the same house (A Himalayan cat, a golden retriever, and a bulldog), are all worried when they don’t see their owners for a few days. They all leave together in an effort to find them, even though the family is just on vacation. It’s a hilarious adventure and you time and time again, you will find yourself very intrigued and interested in what’s going to happen next!

  4. 101 Dalmatians

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    101 Dalmatians is a movie about a wealthy family whose dogs give birth to a litter of 15 puppies. An old friend, Cruella De Vil wants the puppies only for a fur coat for herself, but is denied the right to adopt any of them, to which she hires two men to kidnap the puppies. In this classic Disney movie, the dynamic between good and evil is huge and won’t leave you full of regret after watching it!!

If you’re a dog lover, I definitely recommend this list of movies! All of these movies have elements of adventure and will quickly allow you to fall in love with these dogs. So, be sure to grab some popcorn, some tissues, and cuddle up with your dog to enjoy all of these dog movies!



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