IAMS Proactive Health Premium Puppy Food Review

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Once a new puppy joins your family, you pick up where its mother left off providing it with the ideal nutrition and care to ensure he grows into a happy, and healthy dog. For the first month of his life, all your puppy needed was his mother’s milk, which is perfectly balanced. But, as a puppy begins to wean from four weeks, a quality puppy formula needs to be added to his diet to supplement it with crucial nutrients.

For large breed puppies, pets that weigh from 15 lbs, this dietary support and maintenance is even more essential. Large breed young dogs that grow too rapidly in their early developmental months often suffer from bone and joint ailments that these breeds are susceptible to. If you are looking for the best puppy food for large breeds, IAMS Proactive Health, Premium Puppy Nutritionwill help your young pup grow into the best dog he can in the following ways.

Benefits of IAMS Large Breed Dog Food

  • Essential DHA

This natural omega-3 is the building block for the brain and nervous system. It helps with optimal brain and vision development. You want a smart dog? You need to supply his body with everything he needs to achieve his best potential. Development peaks during a puppy’s early months, so this is the ideal phase to ensure these brain-boosting benefits are maximized. While dogs also have exceptional eyesight naturally, omega-3 fatty acids support visual development.

  • Enriched with antioxidants

These are needed to help your puppy develop a strong immune system and assist their bodies in fighting infection and disease. You get these from eating healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet, but your puppy can also have the same benefits thanks to these added antioxidants. Puppies are exposed to bacteria every time you take them for a walk or they are exposed to other dogs so keep their immune system functioning optimally is important.

  • Calorie control

A large breed puppy needs a low-fat and low carbohydrate diet so that he doesn’t grow too rapidly, or put on excess weight. If this happens it can put unnecessary strain on his joints and bones and make him more prone to issues with these in the long term, such as developmental orthopedic disease (DOD). The calories in IAMS large breed puppy food are limited to 3702 kcal/kg (or 399.52 kcal/cup) – the optimal amount to control his growth.

Here’s a tip when feeding your puppy. Don’t give him the daily meal requirement amount initially. Give him a smaller portion and see if he finishes it. You can then add more to his bowl to meet the needs of his appetite, but this strategy will prevent overeating. You can try this every few weeks to ensure your puppy is getting enough food as he grows.

  • Bone and muscle health

IAMS large breed puppy food is fortified with protein sourced from chickens and eggs to help your puppy build strong muscles – another important factor that helps support their body and minimize issues caused by rapid growth or weight gain. Your pup is going to grow into a big dog, and it needs a strong body to support it, and the right nutrition to maintain muscle mass! This meal plan devised for large breed puppies also contains Calcium Phosphorus to help grow healthy bones at the right pace.

Top Rated Puppy Food Explained

The formula of this quality puppy food is also designed to optimize his metabolism, help burn fat and even reduce tartar buildup in his teeth thanks to the kibble design. You don’t need to add any further supplements to his diet – he’ll get everything he needs with every meal you give him.

This IAMS large breed puppy diet is recommended for dogs from the age one up until 24 for months, a crucial stage in their development, and will provide them with the correct nutrition until they reach up to 9lbs at maturity. The digestive systems of puppies are also known to be very sensitive at times. IAMS large breed puppy food contains no fillers or artificial preservatives that can upset this delicate balance. When introducing the food to your puppy, mix it in with his current food over the course of four days. No doubt, he’ll love it! Even picky eaters love the taste of IAMS large breed puppy food.

Remember too, that your puppy needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation along with this balanced diet to help his body and mind develop. And that’s what you are there for! He’ll love you for it.

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