Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy Food Review

package for holistic select large and giant breed puppy food

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If you’re like most dog lovers, you’re particular when it comes to what you’re feeding your newly acquired pooch. We all know that puppies need puppy food; that’s a no-brainer, as they say. However, there is actually more to it than that. What type of food your pet needs dependents on the type of breed it is. If your little sunshine is a large breed, then there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the perfect puppy food.

Common sense would seem to say that a large breed dog needs large breed dog food. That same line of thinking should extend to your puppy food. Producers make sure to supplement their large breed dog food with all essential nutrients such a majestic animal needs. If they don’t attend to their clients’ requirements, companies will start losing clients.

package for holistic select large and giant breed puppy food

In many cases, puppies can grow too fast. Therefore, these particular breeds are always exposed to the danger of developing the orthopedic disease later in life. This issue needs to be taken into account whenever producers develop a new large dog food formula.

The importance of recognizing (and not overfeeding) the levels of calcium or fat (calories) is monumental. If the puppy’s growth is too rapid, his/her little skeleton will develop too rapidly. This will leave the dog exposed to orthopedic problems in later years.

Today, we’ll take a look at the offer Holistic Select large breed puppy food has in store for large puppy owners. We will consider the benefits, pros, cons, and client impressions on this high graded product for puppies.

Benefits of Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy Food

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A puppy’s diet determines how fast the pet grows. Contrary to popular belief, it will not affect the size of its build after it grows up.

Usually, dog owners have two options. They can either go with whatever product or brand they can find at local stores. The second and recommended option is to do research on what is best for their puppy. The final choice in this situation is usually a top rated puppy food with the right components for their breed.

This is when Holistic Select large breed puppy food appears with a helping hand. The company offers large and giant puppy breed a health formula based on lamb meal and oatmeal recipe. Thanks to its exhaustive support for your puppy’s skeletal and tract systems, we chose this brand as the best giant breed puppy food.

Holistic’s packaging and advertising focus on the benefits their recipe brings to the digestive system (something that is an important factor to consider). Nonetheless, it is also worth noting that this Holistic puppy food offers a controlled level of minerals with a much-needed focus on calcium.

The amount of calcium in the diet is directly related to the rate of bone growth. This is one of the cases when more doesn’t translate into better.

Holistic puppy food also offers healthy fat sources like whole grains and the lean meat of lamb rather than chicken fat, which is the ingredient of choice in most top rated puppy foods. Chicken fat is not a bad thing, per se, but lamb recipe for large breed puppy is better.

Pros and Cons of Holistic Select


Every product has its good points and some not-so-good points. Holistic Select large breed puppy food is no exception to that rule. The pros are, of course, its ingredients. Holistic dog food is infused with probiotics and “good” fiber to aid digestion, meaning ground beet fiber.

This is one of the best sources of fiber on the market. The brand’s use of lean meats as the protein source and its restraint in adding minerals to the mix cannot be overemphasized as a good point in Holistic Select dog food’s favor. The attention to this detail helps support your large breed during their growth and development months. This way, you make sure your puppy has the best possible nutrition to support its bone and joint health.


Those not-so-good points are a bit more difficult to find. Considering how much a Great Dane or Rottweiler are inherently big animals, a bag of dog food can be used up rather quickly.

For those on a budget, the price for Holistic Select large breed puppy food can weigh a lot in their decision. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to invest in your puppy’s diet to provide your pet a top rated puppy food.

What Are Others Saying about Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy Food?

Consumer reviews abound when it comes to this giant puppy food formula. Many mention the benefits to the dog’s GI system, such as well-formed stools, no gas issues, and no allergy complications. Others praise the appearance of their puppy’s coat and the steady growth rate their pup experienced.

Some even specifically mention that they were concerned about joint and skeletal difficulties with their large breed puppy. However, it was Holistic’s blend of quality protein and reduced mineral content that put this type of concerns to rest for them.


Are there negative reviews?  Of course; no product will ever satisfy everyone every time. Nonetheless, the negative reviews are in few numbers.


Raising a large or giant breed puppy can be rewarding, challenging, and fun times filled with love. Giving your puppy the best chance at a life free of medical difficulties begins with the nutrition in their puppyhood.

Large and giant breeds have specific needs that must be addressed to avoid the breed’s predisposition to joint and skeletal difficulties later in life. Holistic Select large breed puppy food delivers a balanced diet that caters to your large breed puppy’s special needs.

If you want your pet to experience lamb in their diet, Hills Science puppy food offers a Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe for large breeds that is worth considering.

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