Hills Puppy Food Large Breed Review

hills puppy large breed dry food science diet product

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Bringing home a pet is an exciting time for everyone. Like an infant, a puppy requires special attention in order to grow into a happy and healthy adult. A key ingredient to that success will be the food that you offer your dog. For larger dogs, special consideration must be given to help prevent issues that these breeds can develop.

Dry foods help maintain a balanced diet, and Hills Puppy Food Large Breed is designed with that in mind. A closer look at this product should help you decide if it is the right food for your young friend or not.

hills puppy large breed dry food science diet product

A Closer Look at Hills Puppy Food Large Breed Dry Food

What Are the Ingredients in Hills Puppy Food Large Breed?

Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Large Breed dry food contains many ingredients to enhance flavor. These contents include a variety of chicken, lamb, and pork flavors or meals. Another key ingredient in Hill’s Puppy Food is a selection of fruits and vegetables. Apples, beets, carrots, cranberries, and green peas add flavor as well as nutrition. Corn, oats, sorghum, and wheat grains round out the list.

A multitude of minerals is supplied from sources ranging from calcium to fish oil. Vitamins A, B12, C, D3, and E have also been included in various forms. What is not found in this puppy food are artificial colors, flavors or food preservatives.

What Is the Nutritional Value of Hills Puppy Food Large Breed?

While healthy bone growth is important for any pet, it is more critical for larger breeds. Hill’s has researched and formulated their large puppy food recipes in order to offer optimal levels of calcium. Muscle development and joint health are major health concerns for owners who have larger dogs. Hills Puppy Food Large Breed contains natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin to aid with both.

This dry food offers a multitude of vitamins and minerals, including both vitamins C and E. These vitamins, along with other antioxidants, help provide clinically proven support for your dog’s immune system. These vitamins (along with other minerals and amino acids) provide a high-quality meal that is easy to digest.

What Formulas or Flavors of Hills Puppy Food Large Breed Are Available?

Currently, Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Large Breed dry dog food comes in two flavors. Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe offers puppies a more traditional flavored dog food that is a proven favorite. The Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe is an alternative flavor that is rich in flavor and smell.

What Stores Offer Hills Puppy Food Large Breed Products?

As Hill’s Science Diet® products are veterinarian recommended, you most surely can find this puppy food at your vet’s clinic. Retail pet stores may also carry Hills Puppy Food Large Breed. Larger retail chains such as Walmart may also have this dog food available in-store or online. You can also purchase this product online at places such as amazon.com.

How Much/How Often Should You Feed Hills Puppy Food Large Breed to Your Dog?

four puppies of large breed with black fur eating from a bowl of dry dog food

Not only is each breed’s body different, but an individual dog will have a metabolism unique to itself. The breeder or pet store you acquired the dog from can give you a good starting point. Your veterinarian is your best source for advice, especially for first-time owners. A chart based on age and weight can be found on Hill’s official website under “Feeding Guide.”

A puppy needs more frequent feedings, just like an infant. A rule of thumb is to feed your puppy four times a day until they are three months old. You can then feed them three times a day until they are six months old. From this point until they are a year old, feed them twice daily.

A great article discussing puppy feeding fundamentals can be found on the American Kennel Club’s website.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Hills Puppy Food Large Breed Dry Food?


  • Veterinarian Recommended – You can feel safe offering this dry food to your puppy with such a distinction.
  • Nutritional Value – This Science Diet® recipe does not only contain the nutrients all puppies need, but it’s formulated especially for larger breeds.
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives – This food does not contain any unnecessary ingredients that can affect your puppy’s health.
  • 100 Percent Guarantee – The manufacturer states that you will be 100 percent satisfied or you can get your money back.


  • Larger Nuggets – This food may prove more challenging for some dogs to chew properly. This obstacle will require more food preparation from you.
  • Limited Flavors – Currently, this product is limited to only two recipes.
  • Does Not Come in Smaller Bags – Currently, the smallest bag that can be purchased is the 15.5-pound bag.
  • Higher Price Point – While not as expensive as many specialty dog foods, the price is noticeably higher than some brands.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, Hills Puppy Food Large Breed can help you maintain a healthy diet for your dog. Your new family member will love the combined tastes of fruit, meats, and vegetables that Hill’s contains. The added minerals and vitamins will supply your large dog with the nutrients it needs. Combined with the added antioxidants, this dry food should prove easier for your puppy to digest.

This veterinarian recommended food is packed full of natural ingredients while leaving out the unnecessary stuff found in other brands. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is so sure that you will like their dog food that they will offer you a money back guarantee service. You have nothing to lose, and your puppy has a lot more than height and weight to gain. All these points indicate that you should give Hills Puppy Food Large Breed a try!

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