Friendliest Dog Breeds (Top 10)

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Many people search for the friendliest dogs to buy or own, especially if they have a family the dog will be around constantly. While some people can train their dogs to grow up and be friendly, some breeds just don’t have the right connections to make that happen. Some types of dog breeds are just simply friendlier than others. If you live in more populated places, the friendlier the dog, the more social the dogs nature will be and the better reputation the family and dog will have to the community.

If you live in a remote place or somewhere that has a high crime rate, a dog to help protect your family might be a good idea. Or even if you are worried about someone breaking into your house, the friendliest dog may not be the best dog to protect you.

The top friendliest dog breeds are the ones who are going to enjoy being social and enjoy being pet by total strangers. For you social butterflies, the mean and aggressive dogs may not be the best choice for you.

You’re going to want to go to dog parks and enjoy walking on the sidewalks as well as snuggling up next to your best friend at night.


There are a few outlines that can be used to classify and define what a “friendly dog” is exactly. These three criteria can be used to determine if your dog is a “nice and snuggly” or among the friendliest dog breeds.

  1. The first one is if the dog is lovey or affectionate towards the owner. Not many dogs like to snuggle up and show love to their owner in a calm and snuggly way. If your dog is very affectionate then you have found your dog among the top friendliest dogs around.
  2. The second criteria is if the dog is calm and friendly towards strangers. If a stranger or another person can come up to the dog for the first time and the animal does not freak out, run away, or bark insanely while growling or showing teeth, then the dog can be considered among the friendliest dogs in the world or around the block.
  3. The third criteria is if the dog is friendly or calm around other pets on average, then it is considered one of the most friendly dog breeds in the world or in the nation. Many dogs freak out if there is another dog or cat in the house or in the reach of them. The nice dogs will accept other things around them and remain calm in the meanwhile. No fuss in public is always the best kind of dog to have.
  4. The fourth criteria to determine if a dog is friendly or not is the way you train them to be. A dogs life is based around their past experiences with making mistakes, punishment, love, and more. If you treat the dog very badly, there is a good chance the dog will become very bitter and unable to cope with a nice gesture without freaking out. As long as you treat your puppy right from the beginning then you should be able to label them as calm, collected, and nice.

Top 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds


Dalmatians are known for their unique coat of black specs and have always been noted as one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. It is a popular family pet and is amazing with kids and crowds. They fall under many of the friendliest dog breed criteria’s and are known for their calm and collected attitude towards other people and other animals. They are very outgoing and love being social butterflies on the streets. For as playful and tough as they are, they are very sensitive dogs, and you have to watch specifically how you treat them or how other people have treated them in the past. If you get a dalmatian puppy and raise it right, you’ll have one of the best and nicest dogs in the world.


The Whippets nickname is “The poor man’s racehorse” because they were a smaller form of a greyhound and they were not deemed great at hunting, so they were used for chasing rats and other small things around town. They could never really live up to the achievements of greyhounds, so they have become a dog for dog sports and other fun activities. Whippets are a friendly dog breed and very down to earth. They are great for families who love to run around and are suggested to have space to be themselves.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known as a family dog. When people think of cute and cuddly dogs, Golden Retriever immediately comes to mind. Everyone wants one because of how adorable and nice they are towards kids, family, other dogs, and their owners. No one wants a mean dog, and these dogs are so promising and so consistently friendly that it is an obvious choice. They are very loyal and intelligent and have known proof of excellent problem solving skills. As smart as they are, all dogs can be a little dumb and run into a screen door sometimes. This specific friendly dog breed is very devoted to their families and show complete passion for their owners. Golden Retrievers are hard workers and are the ideal friendly dog.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are known world wide as the gentle giant. They are among the top friendliest dog breeds for many reasons regarding their temperament and calamity. They are a calm, affectionate, and sweet breed who are excellent with adults and even better with children of any age. BUT! Keep in mind that you need to have trained them well and treat them well in order for them to understand their power and strength. They need to naturally be socialized with other humans and dogs on a normal basis to prevent random outbreaks and temperament issues regarding social skills.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a friendly dog who is outgoing and typically very social. Their funny look and short legs don’t get in their way of being social and energetic. Basset Hounds are not terribly hard to find and are among the friendliest dog breeds in America. These are great for hunting, families, and more.

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers are often independent and courageous dogs. They are very friendly and easy to have fun with for as active and nice as they are. Their small figure and big personality comes out in energetic ways and can be said to be “adorable”. Another perk to this very friendly dog breed is that it is great for people with allergies because it is hypoallergenic. Their fur does not shed and creates another factor for this dog to be chosen as a new family pet. Whether it be in an apartment or a big house, always make sure this type of dog has somewhere to run around.


Collie’s are always friendly and have proven their breed to be consistent. When people ask… what are the friendliest dog breeds? … Most people think Collie’s and Golden Retrievers right off the bat. There is always room for training and making sure the dog grows up in the proper environment to have the correct social skills for being the nicest ones out there. They are loyal and very obedient. If you say come, they will come, and if you say sit, they will sit as soon as you are done speaking. As a family friendly and kid friendly dog breed, Collie’s can be trusted to give you a great time.


Goldador’s are a mixed dog breed of a retriever and a Labrador. They are one of the most easily trained breed types and can be classified as one of the nicest dogs in the world. These are also a very popular family dog and are always trusted around children. Goldadors fit right into the family and have naturally amazing social skills from birth. When people think of nice dog breeds they almost always think of Labradors and Retrievers, so the mix of the two of them must be the best of both worlds!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels are known to be great with kids and are known to be among the sweetest breeds in America. Looking at them and how adorable they are, this is ONE instance where looks don’t lie! You can judge this dog by it’s cover and trust the instincts.

English Setter

This dog breed is very unique to modern everyday families in America and is not always seen. The reasoning could be either the price or the location but if you don’t get the chance to meet one of these dogs, you are missing out. They are the snuggle bug of the century, and based on past experiences can be one of the nicest dogs you’ll ever meet.

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