Everything You Need to Know About the Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

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For some dog owners, their dog is everything to them. Their dogs cuddle with them on their worst days, play fetch in the yard on beautiful summer days, and most of all, provide companionship and loyalty that not all people can provide. Whether you are a dog lover or you simply have a dog as a pet and distraction for your children, if your dog has fleas, it is an absolute mess no matter what.

There are many ways to treat fleas (and even ticks), including powders, sprays, homemade flea shampoos, and even veterinarian visits. But one of the best ways to cure this annoying puppy plague is to use special made flea shampoo for dogs. We have listed some of the top products available on the dog market today, along with a quick and easy recipe to make your own homemade dog flea shampoo. But your question might be, “Why dog shampoo? Why not just a flea collar?” We have also provided a quick summary when it comes to questions and concerns about fleas and your precious pets.

So Why Should I Use Dog Flea Shampoo?

Before you jump to conclusions and assume because your dog is itching constantly that they have fleas, double check to make sure that they have fleas. You can either take them to a veterinarian if you are extremely worried, or you can run  a comb or brush through their hair to look for fleas, eggs, or flea dirt. Some common areas where fleas and ticks reside are above their tail, behind their ears, and underneath of their chin. Also be sure to check their stomach and along their spine as well.

The question of why you should use it can be easily answered. Bathing is a common and normal part of a dogs daily routine that they endure. Using flea shampoo on dogs is very effective and they don’t feel a difference. But when people stick a cone or collar that a dog is not used to on them, it can disrupt the dog’s perception and reality because it upsets their routine. Not to mention shampooing is safe and will also clean and moisturize the dog at the same time.

Now once you determine that your pet has fleas, you need to figure out which shampoo works best. There are some easy and simple tips to keep in mind when browsing for flea shampoo for dogs:

1. For ultimate protection, purchase a shampoo that kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae. They might be more expensive, but it is worth the extra money to get rid of fleas at all stages of life.

2. Pyrethrins are a common active insecticide that is used in shampoo and is a great ingredient for killing fleas.

3. Although pyrethrins are useful, they can be harmful to smaller dogs and puppies if over applied. For dogs of this age and size, it is better to use a shampoo that contains only natural ingredients for ensured protection.

4. Fragrance can play an important role when it comes to shampoo, depending on the dog. If a dog is prone to sensitive skin, then a fragrance free shampoo is better. If you are having trouble finding fragrance free shampoos, then try using a shampoo that has a lighter scent. It might take a few tries to figure out which shampoo fits your dog best.

Top 7 Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

1. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor for Dogs and Cats


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Rated as the #1 Bestseller in Cat Shampoos on Amazon, this flea and tick shampoo does not only heal the wounds of puppies, but is also an excellent flea shampoo for cats! It clears away any form of flea larvae, eggs, ticks, or fleas in general. This Adams product is made with aloe, oatmeal, and coconut extract to sooth sore skin and bites. The Precor insect regulation in this product promises 28 days of full control of the pre-adult fleas before they come full flea adults, and will result in bigger bites. The shampoo itself lasts for a long time and does not expire. With its affordable price tag and positive results, this flea shampoo for dogs is a winner!

2. Sentry Flea and Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal

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The Sentry flea dog shampoo that is manufactured with oatmeal provides a wonderful ginger scent that will most definitely please your dogs nostrils. It has an even PH balance to ensure restoration in your dogs furry coat. The oatmeal plays a key role in the shampoo, fully cleansing and moisturizing the skin in order to kill the flea eggs and ticks underneath their coat. Sentry promises that it will kill ticks and fleas for up to ten days. Sentry is popular with their consumers not only because of their cheap price, but because of their guaranteed cleanliness! This is a great option for any frustrated dog owner.

3. Advantage II Flea Treatment Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies


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The Advantage II Flea Treatment Shampoo is a flea shampoo for puppies and dogs that comes in as an underdog (no pun intended), being soft and soothing, but that also has incredible healing properties. It will kill ticks and fleas on direct contact and only needs to be used once every seven days. Its best quality is the fact that it is unscented, which is not only great for a dog with sensitive skin, but is also an advantage to any owner that struggles with allergies to specific fragrances or scents. This is a great puppy and dog flea shampoo that can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

4. Be Flea Free Shampoo by 1-800-PetMeds

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The Bea Flea Free Shampoo by 1-800-PetMeds does not only kill fleas, but also aides in mosquito problems and bites, acting as a repellent. This shampoo uses only natural ingredients, like rosemary and peppermint oils, and Vitamin E as well. It is made to be safe with dogs that have very sensitive skin, containing a balanced PH level that soothes the skin, contrary to most other dog or human shampoos that irritate the skin. There have been no reported side effects with this shampoo and should not be used on dogs under twelve weeks old. With its cinnamon scent and cleansing properties, this shampoo is worth the slightly more expensive price tag!

5. Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Pet Shampoo

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Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Shampoo provides a safe organic product that is made with over five different essential oils, including coconut oil and rosemary oil. Some of its other natural ingredients include Vitamin E, aloe vera, lanolin, and lecithin. It helps heal irritation from both fleas and mosquitoes, and will help prevent further damage to your dogs under layer of skin. It is not overpoweringly sudsy and its thin texture cleans and gets to the dirtiest of spots. If you are searching for a natural and organic product that does the job well, this is an excellent choice!

6. Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs with Oatmeal

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The Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo not only kills fleas and ticks directly on contact, but also aides in repelling mosquitoes and blackflies. Its oatmeal ingredient helps in moisturize the skin but also can aide in healing dry coat as well. It is made with natural ingredients including vanillin, clove oil, and cinnamon oil. It will heal for up to seven days before needing another shampoo. If you are looking for an affordable, natural shampoo, this is a great choice!

7. Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo with Aloe

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Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo is one of the more popular brands and its products are very sought after today. This product is very soothing, containing aloe vera that will help heal flea bites and the aftermath of these terribly painful insects. The reason it is called “Plus” is because it can kill and break down flea eggs for up to two weeks. This affordable and generic product will not disappoint, and is a wonderful option for any caring owner trying to protect their pets from future problems with fleas!

If you like the idea of dog shampoo, but are a little bit skeptical of the store bought version, there is another way! Check out the simple shampoo recipe that is below to see if it will meet your needs a little better!

DIY Homemade Flea Shampoo for Dogs

Image Source: healthypets.mercola.com
Image Source: healthypets.mercola.com

Mix these three ingredients together:

• 1 quart of water

• 1 cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

• 1 cup of a nontoxic dish soap (many suggest using Dawn for this situation) or baby shampoo

(You can split the recipe in half or into a fourth of the size for puppies or very small dogs).

Spread the shampoo thoroughly over the dogs fur coat and under his fur to reach the roots and skin underneath. Many suggest using a spray bottle to conserve it and not go overboard with the shampoo amount.



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