Eukanuba Premium Puppy Food Review

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Puppies grow up so fast. That’s why it’s so important you give them the correct nutritional support in their first year. While they are nursing with their mother they are getting all they need to grow up into strong, healthy and smart dogs, but once they in your home they need a meal plan that is tailored for their needs.

This is particularly important for large breed puppies. Their calorie intake needs to be carefully controlled. A large breed puppy that grows too rapidly can experience joint and bone issues later in life. Many large-breed dogs are predisposed to a number of joint conditions, so you want to do everything you can to avoid triggering these problems. A lean, strong dog with strong bones and muscles will be less likely to have these concerns later in life.

From the nutritional side, you want a good dog food that gives them all the essentials. Eukanuba Puppy Food is designed with this in mind. Surely your beautiful new pup deserves only the best, such as this top rated puppy food? These are the things to consider when buying a puppy food for a large breed puppy:

Eukanuba Puppy Food for Large Breeds

90757._AC_SL1000_V1436906956_Dog food needs to contain real proteins and calcium to build strong, lean muscles. Your pup is going to grow into a big dog! Eukanuba puppy food is made with animal-based proteins (he’ll love the taste of chicken) to ensure optimum muscle growth – and important factor to consider as large dogs need these to support their joints and prevent injury and other conditions that can affect the joints of large-breed dogs. Now that your puppy is no longer getting a calcium source from his mother’s milk, added calcium is also needed to help his bones grow strong.

You also want to give them brain food! As with human babies, the majority of brain growth happens in the early months of life. Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food features DHA from natural fish oil. These ‘omegas’ help support brain growth and development by promoting the growth of neural pathways – just what to pup needs to grow into a smart adult dog. The mental development supports these nutrients give your puppy also help make them more trainable. As they are taught new skills they will have the nutritional support to build new neural pathways to remember them.

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You want to minimize digestion troubles. Many large-breed dogs have very sensitive digestive systems. A good dog food such as this one is designed to limit these tummy troubles. This puppy food has a specialized fiber system, made from natural beet pulp and prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS). This promotes nutrient absorption (maximizing the effects of all the great nutrients provided in the food) and healthy digestion.

the-eukanuba-effectSwitching to a lesser quality puppy food will be instantly noticeable – your pup could be gassier and their stools may be looser and smell more pungent. Eukanuba puppy food doesn’t contain any fillers that can lead to these troubling side effects of some dog foods.

You want to have a healthy looking dog too! Exercise, grooming and a lot of love will help your puppy grow into a beautiful looking animal. But his food also needs optimal levels of omega-6 and -3 fatty acids to keep his skin healthy which ultimately means he’ll grow a radiant, shiny coat.

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Investing time and love into your pup can be so rewarding for the whole family – you really are giving your new best friend the best start in life. Eukanuba has done extensive research into how the correct nutritional support in dog food can actually help your hound life a healthier – and longer – life. With a such a smart and beautiful dog in your life, you’ll want to give them what they need to achieve this.

Studies Behind Eukanuba Dog Food

These were the features of Eukanuba dog food that were identified in the studies that really set it apart:

  • The fact that animal-based protein sources are used which are superior to vegetable-based protein sources
  • A balanced ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation, a key cause of ageing
  • A customized blend of carbohydrates that stabilize the dog’s metabolism
  • L-carnitine that has weight management benefits
  • Enriched antioxidant levels of vitamin E and β-carotene to help reverse age-associated changes in immune function
  • The moderately fermentable fiber (beet pulp) to promote digestive health and optimal digestion
  • A coating on the external surface of the food kibble to help reduce tartar build-up, which improves overall oral health, which can have a wide range of health benefits for your dog.

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