Top 4 Most Durable Large Dog Harness Models

large dog harness on a hunting breed dog

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A large dog harness can be used for many different things. Some use it for walking because their dog is more comfortable in it. Others use a large dog harness for weight pull. Whatever you’re using your harness for, we’ve got you covered.

large dog harness on a hunting breed dog

In this roundup, we’ll be looking at four different large dog harnesses that are useful and durable. We’ll make sure to state that purpose in the description. Though you can certainly use an all-purpose harness to pull some lightweight items. For instance, you probably won’t use one to train for competition. We hope that the following harness options will help you make a more-informed decision.

The Best Large Dog Harness Options to Consider

1. PUPTECK Reflective Big Dog Harness

pupteck harness model

This is a perfect harness for walking near busy roadways during the evening hours. Not only is this thick nylon harness reflective, but it also has plenty of room for stylish patches for your dog.

These patches can be useful as well as stylish. If your dog is an emotional support animal or is shy of being approached, not to worry. These velcro patches come in such an array that many websites have them for most any canine situation.

While this large dog harness is durable, it does lack a little creativity. It’s a very basic model and only comes in two very basic colors: black and red. Not too bad if you’re outfitting an average dog, but posh princess pooches of both genders may be on the lookout for something more stylish.

Pupteck’s reflective big dog harness comes with a front/chest D ring and a back D ring to let you customize how you want to walk your pup. The D ring is attached to the chest area. Therefore, you will be able to control your dog better. Moreover, your pet will pull less when it is wearing this harness.

Adoption agencies will be happy with the included “adopt me” velcro panels.

2. Newbury Paws Classic Harness

newburry paws large dog harness

Newbury Paws seeks to doll up the average padded harness, and they certainly succeed. This cozy padded harness is both durable and adorable.

This particular product has only a single D ring, but it’s situated well to the middle of the harness to make it more effective. Therefore, it helps control the dog in a better way and avoid encouraging a dog to pull when you don’t want it to.

The three strap system here is also highly appreciated. Instead of a simple figure out system, this harness has two belly bands to help keep dogs from “jumping” out of their harness. If the dog should slip out of the chest band, the two belly bands help to keep the harness where it belongs while you wrangle your rascally pup.

Add to this harness’s multiple reflective stripes, and you have an excellent large dog harness prospect. The padding along your dog’s back is just icing on the cake at this point.

3. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

expawlorer harness for large dogs

Expawlorer‘s large dog harnesses are simplistic in nature but certainly durable. They may not look flashy on the outside, but they get the job done!

This harness makes our list for two very separate reasons. First, this will work very well as a no pull harness for dogs that are still learning to heel. Second, it also helps dogs training to be assistance animals.

Since this harness has a handle built in tight to the weave of the harness’s back, the aide dog in training can start getting used to being used to help his or her humans in getting up. It may also be used in the beginning of the stabilizing training and in getting guide dogs used to having hands where they can’t comfortably see them.

With simplicity on your side, you’ll be able to pop this on your dog in seconds, too. This is a quick, easy fit for most dogs and it holds its shape well after the initial fitting. Again we see reflective strips to help keep your pup safe on your daily walk.

All said and done; we’re a little disappointed with a single D ring on this harness though you could easily add more if you’re handy.

4. Dogs My Love Weight Pulling Sledding Dog Harness X-back Style Black

large dog harness for weight pulling sledding dogs

So we’ve had a padded harness, a standard figure 8 harness, and a no pull harness. What else is there?

Now, it is time to present the ultimate choice in dog pulling harnesses! This fantastic weight pulling harness distributes weight evenly across your dog. But why would you want your dog to pull?

Weight pulling competitions and exercise are great for dogs with a ton of energy that have the body mass to pull heavy loads. Swiss Mountain Dogs, St. Bernards and Staffordshire Terriers all make fantastic weight pulling buddies, and most will find themselves deeply enjoying it.

But that isn’t the only reason that you’d use one of these harnesses. Biking and skateboarding are wonderful activities to do with your dog. Simply hook your bright eyed pup up to one of these harnesses and off the two of you can go.

Not only does pulling increase your dog’s muscle mass and encourage a healthy hind end alignment, but it wears out your dog faster too. Have a dog that never seems to lay down? Have him drag a 5 or 10-pound weight behind himself in this harness while he’s playing fetch with you. He’ll wear himself out all the faster.

The Winner

a large collie dog sitting on the grass

So who wins the battle of the large dog harness? It really depends on what you want your harness to do. Since we love an active dog, we have to go with the Dogs My Love weight pulling harness.

But if you’d prefer your pup to stay in step with you, the Newbury classic harness can’t be beaten. The three straps make it safer, and your pup’s spine won’t have any undue pressure on it from a thick nylon strap across it.

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