Dog Weddings!

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Oh they say when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life! It’s June which means weddings, weddings, weddings! June is an extremely popular time for weddings and dogs are not discluded from this! Dog weddings have been happening for years but in recent years have become more popular. Whether its a charity stunt or an act to show the love between two pups, you gotta admit it’s a cute event. This phenomenon has spread all over and thousands of doggy weddings occur every year! It has grown so much that there are even doggy wedding planners out their that can help you plan the perfect wedding day for your pooch.

Dog weddings can range from small intimate backyard events to full scale weddings. Price range solely depends on the owners of the dogs. Some owners will spend thousands on photographers, dresses, tuxes, food, DJ’s, event planners and more. Each wedding is different from the next but all have the same outcome two married dogs. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite dog weddings! Enjoy.

Some weddings, much like regular weddings are simple and personal but others are way more extravagant. For example the wedding of Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak. In 2012 the most luxurious wedding ceremony was performed for these two dogs. Their wedding total came out to a whopping $250,000. The bride’s dress itself was $6,000 and the rest of the ceremony involved limos, florist, and an orchestra. Not to mention the doggy buffet provided by Ellen DeGeneres’ food company. This event was named the most expensive dog wedding in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This dog wedding is definitely at the top of the list of greatest dog weddings because of their wedding singer. John Legend officiated and serenaded the new bride and groom with his famous song “All of me”. Sadly this video is not of a real dog wedding but we can pretend can’t we? This video that came out in August 2015 is an example of a publicity stunt to raise money for a charity.

The Youtube channel gbrgrimm uploaded this video of two Yorkshire Terriers Reggie and Sabrina tying the knot! Each pup was dressed to impress and even had a full wedding party with groomsmen and bridesmaids. The aisle was lined with flowers, tulle, and their closest friends and family.  They didn’t stop there, they had a  minister who officiated the wedding and after each barked “I do” they put on little wedding bands! Like any other wedding they had a reception with cake and a photo-shoot.

A popular Disney show, Dog With a Blog, even jumped on the dog wedding bandwagon by having a wedding between their main character Stan and a poodle named Princess. This one took place in a park and even had some classic wedding drama. This wedding was unique because the groom could talk, although this was a tv show it was cute nonetheless!

The video above posted by Alanna Light shows the wedding ceremony between two therapy dogs that help San Diego students in a program called “Ruff Readers”. The ceremony was performed on stage in front of the students that participate in the program with the dogs.  Those in attendance colored dog masks and wore them. Both the dogs were dressed up in a tux and dress and enjoyed a few licks of icing together at the reception.

Dog weddings are extremely cute and entertaining to watch. Whether it is an extravagant wedding or one just performed in the backyard you have to admit it makes sense that dog weddings have become such a phenomenon. For those that love planning, events dog weddings are a fun way get your friends together while getting to see two loved ones bark “I do”. Would you do this for your dogs? Let us know in a comment below!

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