Top 9 Dog Sweaters For Comfort, Durability, And Cuteness

Dog sweaters

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META: Check out our list of the top 9 cutest dog sweaters that add comfort and style to your dog’s life.

If you have a dog, you know by now they come with unique personalities. Dog breeds usually share common traits across like speed, intelligence, or size, but each one is different. Just like people, your pet may be hot or cold natured. We always worry about small dogs in the winter and large, or hairy, dogs in the summer, but each dog carries a different internal thermostat.

Keeping your dog clean and well groomed in the summer helps them deal with the heat. Avoid going for walks during the hottest part of the day and make sure your dog has a cool place to relax and get out of the heat. Winter poses a new threat because a dog’s natural fur coat is rarely sufficient. Granted, some breeds thrive in colder weather, but most dogs get cold just like humans.


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How We Choose Our Picks

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If your dog gets cold quickly, a sweater is an easy solution that keeps your dog warm and looks cute at the same time. It might help you, and your dog avoid a few vet visits during the colder months as well. We put together a list of the best dog sweaters based on comfort, durability, and cuteness. Most of the dog sweaters we picked are budget-friendly, so we didn’t consider the price of the ones we chose.

Most of the products on our list come in several colors and sizes. Dog sweaters that fit large dogs are more difficult to find. If possible, visit local pet shops or dog boutiques and let your pet try on a few of them. It makes it easier to get the right size online, and you might find a local shop that makes custom-sized ones for any dog.

Blueberry Pet Wool Blend or Acrylic Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

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Depending on your choice of material, it comes in a wool blend or acrylic fabric. This sweater is available in twelve colors. It comes in six sizes that fit most small dogs and a few of the smaller medium breeds. It’s not flashy or decorative, in fact, it looks like an off the rack sweater you find in department stores, but it’s made from durable materials.

You can order one from Amazon for $11.99. The price rises to $15.99 for the largest size. Their low cost and durable material make this dog sweater an excellent choice for budget conscious dog owners that want to add some warmth and fashion to their dog’s life. Unlike many sweaters, you can machine wash these dog sweaters, and they’re tumble dry safe.

Stinky G Festive Reindeer Dog Sweater

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These cute dog sweaters come in red or green, and they have leash holes sewn into them. They come in six sizes, but the largest size probably won’t fit any dogs outside the small dog category. If your dog weighs between three and six pounds, these sweaters are a great addition to their wardrobe. They’ll look extra cute for the holidays.

You can order one from Amazon for $10.99. Luckily, all six sizes cost the same, and at that price, you can order one in each color. They’ll keep your dog warm and endure most abuses the dog throws at them. If you order more than one, or at least both colors, you don’t have to worry about washing them as often. They are machine washable and dryer safe so that you could get by with only one sweater.

Chilly Dog Grey Cable Dog Sweater

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These sweaters only come in grey, but they come in several sizes to accommodate most dogs. The extra small size works for dogs around three pounds. The dimensions step up a few pounds each time, and the largest size fits dogs up to 70 pounds. It’s one of the few sweaters we found that was economical, cute, and available for most dog sizes. They’re also made from 100 percent wool.

You can order the smallest size from Amazon for $21.52. The price jumps to $25.65 for the most massive sweater size. It only comes in grey, but the cost is low enough you could buy two or three in case one is ruined somehow. What they lack is fashion flare they make up for in durability and price, plus each sweater is handmade. They’re machine washable, but not dryer safe.

Tangpan Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Dog Sweater

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This sweater is made from wool, so you know it’s warm. It comes in six sizes to fit most small dog breeds. They come in six colors from blue to red, but the pattern is the same on every sweater. They are budget-friendly and built to ensure even the roughest dogs. Some dogs may not like this sweater because it has a high turtleneck style collar.

The extra small size is available on Amazon for $9.00. The largest size if only a few dollars more at $13.99. Like the other sweaters on our list, buying one of each color won’t break your budget. The high color rear leg straps do not appeal to all dogs. Some dogs feel trapped in sweaters designed this way and refuse to move while wearing it.

Moolecole Cute Reindeer Dog Christmas Knitted Sweater

[amazon box=”B015SQZPKK”]

This sweater broke the cuteness chart. It comes in two colors, red or blue with white stripes, and has a big smiling reindeer on the back of the sweater. It comes in six sizes to fit most dog breeds from small dogs to larger breeds like labs or chubby bulldogs. It’s made from a blended knit material that’s easy to clean and durable.

The smallest size is available on Amazon for $10.99. The largest size is only $15.59 making this sweater an affordable choice for any dog. These sweaters slip over the dog’s head, but the sleeves are short so getting their legs in the right spot isn’t difficult. Still, some dogs do not like pullover sweaters. They are machine washable and dryer safe.

Blueberry Pet Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Sweater

[amazon box=”B015GYEHFS”]

This is another cute dog sweater from Blueberry Pet. These sweaters use 100 percent acrylic yarn, so they’re easy to clean. They’re available in six sizes to fit most small dog breeds. You can pick from six patterns or styles to find the look that suits your dog’s personality. If you can’t choose a design, we like the navy-blue snowflake pattern, and it looks good on light and dark-haired dogs.

You can order this sweater from Amazon for $9.99 in the smallest size. The price only goes up a dollar for the most massive sweater size. For that price, you can order one of each pattern for less than $80.00 plus shipping fees. They’re durable, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra sweaters to add variety to your dog’s wardrobe. They’re machine washable and dryer safe.

CHBORLESS Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater

[amazon box=”B07FQP12VN”]

These cute wool sweaters keep your dog warm and won’t drain your budget. They come in six sizes, but the proportions don’t change much and only fit small dogs. You can order them in ten colors from red to bright purple, so there’s a color for every dog. Some people prefer to dress their dog according to their own tastes, but we think a dog’s attire should match their personality.

You can order these for $8.99 from Amazon. It’s the same price for any size sweater, so you could order several of these low price sweaters and stay within a small budget. They don’t have buttons or zippers, so consider that before ordering one. You’ll have to pull it over your dog’s head and help them get their legs in the right holes. Some dogs might not enjoy that part. They’re machine washable, but not dryer safe.

Zrong Dog or Puppy Knitted Jumper Sweater

[amazon box=”B01KMH367E”]

These sweaters are among the cutest ones we found, and they’re budget-friendly. They come in six sizes that accommodate most small dogs. They also come in six different color and pattern schemes that add a lot of cuteness to any dog’s wardrobe. The knitted acrylic fabric they are made from makes them easy to clean and durable.

You can order these sweaters from Amazon for $1.99 for the smallest size. The largest size is available for only $9.99. So, depending on the size of your dog, buying several of these, or one of each pattern, won’t break your budget. You’ll need to pull the sweater over your dog’s head and help them position their legs to get your dog in the sweater. Some dogs won’t find this part enjoyable.

Bwealth Soft Pet Apparel Fleece Sweater for Small and Medium Dogs

[amazon box=”B0787G7H9T”]

These sweaters look really cute on extra small dogs, but they come in six sizes to fit most small dog breeds. We wish they came in more colors, but sadly these sweaters only come in grey or pink. They’re made from a woolen fleece which keeps your dog warm and comfortable. The material is durable and easy to clean.

The smallest size of this sweater is available on Amazon for $7.99. The price doesn’t change for the larger sizes, so you can get one of each or color or two of each color without hurting your budget. The sweater slips over the dog’s head which isn’t appealing to all dogs. The openings for their head and legs are loose, so that may help keep your dog from stressing out over getting dressed.

Your Buyer’s Guide

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Almost all of the sweaters on this list is budget friendly and made from high-quality materials. The real decision is more about picking the color or pattern you want for your dog than checking the prices. If you set your dog wardrobe budget at $100, you could get between four and six of the sweaters on this list and still have money left over to cover shipping.

Since the prices are low, we suggest buying a sweater that fits your dog’s personality and in style and color. Since every sweater on the list is priced pretty small and made from durable materials, the buyer’s only decision is which style, pattern, or color to buy. That said, some of the sweaters slip over the dog’s head, and that annoys some dogs.

If you plan to buy locally or look at sizes locally before ordering online, go through our checklist before making a commitment. Your dog will thank you. Some dogs wear clothes well, and some dogs do not like clothes at all. It is possible to train your dog to like clothes, but we suggest buying a cheap sweater for training because they will chew on it and possibly ruin the garment. The key things to consider include:

  • What material is the sweater made from?
  • How difficult is the sweater to clean?
  • Will it be difficult to get on and off my dog?
  • Is the sweater leash friendly?
  • Does my dog like the sweater?

We encourage you to review comments left by verified customers before purchasing a sweater. The customers might have some insight on how their dog adapted to wearing the sweater or about the quality of the sweaters. The customer comments we found for the sweaters on our list were positive overall. Any complaints were shipping related, and shipping errors are part of shopping online.

A Few Final Notes

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Our list is filled with excellent dog sweaters in a wide range of colors, sizes, and patterns. You’re bound to find what you need in this list someplace. If you choose to shop locally, use the tips from our buyers guide before purchasing a sweater. Have your dog try on the sweater first or at least give them a few minutes to sniff it before cramming it around their head.

Dogs get cold just like we do. Some dogs thrive with three inches of snow on their back while others shiver so hard you wonder if their hair is going to fall out. Take care of the shivering dogs by getting them a sweater, or two sweaters. Use our list to find the best prices and styles or colors to fit your dog’s style and personality. Above all else, take steps to keep your dog warm on cold days.

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