Dog Nail Clippers: Tips, Features, Price, And Overall Ratings

Dog nail clippers

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Meta: To keep your pet’s nails trim, you will need a pair of dog nail clippers. Read these reviews to find a good pair of clippers for your best friend.

Part of grooming a dog is clipping his or her toenails. If toenails are allowed to grow too long, they can be painful to walk on, and they could end up embedded in the pads of their paws. To correctly trim their toenails, you need a sharp pair of dog nail clippers and a little patience.

Reasons to Keep Dogs’ Nails Trimmed

Keeping a dog’s nails trimmed can prevent problems with their feet. Nails that are too long can get caught in rugs and carpets, which can break it or, in some cases, cause it to be pulled off their toe. Either result can be painful for your pet.

If the nails are too long, then they will begin to curl under and become ingrown. If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you know how painful it can be and how it can affect your ability to walk. The tips of long toenails grow into a paw pad as well.

An ingrown toenail, or one that embeds in the pad, could easily cause an infection. The dog won’t be able to walk comfortably on an injured paw, and it could get into its bloodstream, causing further medical problems.

Some dogs also get nail bed infections, so it is essential to look at their nails regularly to keep them healthy. Your vet can show you what to look for when examining or cutting their toenails if they are prone to infections.

It is essential to check a dog’s toenails when bathing or grooming him to see if they need trimming. Ideally, the nails should not touch the floor when they are standing, so if you can hear the clicking sound of toenails, it is time to clip them.

How Often Should Nails be Trimmed?

The frequency of clipping a dog’s toenails will depend on where they spend most of their time. If you have an outdoor dog, then their nails will not need to be cut as often as a dog who spends its time indoors. Outside dogs walk or run over several types of surfaces that naturally wear their nails down.

A dog who is inside most of the time will need their nails trimmed regularly. Not only are the surfaces softer, so they don’t wear them down, but long toenails can get caught on carpets and rugs, as mentioned above.

Tips for Cutting Dogs’ Nails

Unless you take your dog to a groomer, it is important to learn the proper technique for clipping a dog’s toenails. If they are cut too short, then the vein in the toenail, called the quick, can be cut and start to bleed. It also hurts.

You should be able to see the tip of the vein if a dog’s nails are white and you can tell when to stop trimming them. However, if the nails are black, then you need to be careful not to clip the quick. The best technique for trimming the toenails is to cut them a little at a time.

Always cut the toenails from the bottom because you want to go with the curve of the nail. Trimming them bluntly can cause them to grow incorrectly and affect how they walk. Also, use the fingers from your free hand to separate the toes to ensure you’re only cutting one nail at a time.

Make a decisive cut by squeezing the clippers firmly and quickly, but only cut one to two millimeters at a time. Cutting them a little at a time can help ensure you don’t clip the quick. However, if you do, you should use a clotting powder like styptic powder, but baking soda or cornstarch will also work, to stop the bleeding quickly.

Toenail Clipper Styles

When you’re shopping for toenail clippers for your dog, you will come across several styles, including:

  • Guillotine-style clippers: They are easy to use and the best ones for small breed dogs and cats.
  • Pliers-style clippers: Which are the best for larger dogs.
  • Scissor-style nail clippers: These work well for dogs with thin nails.

Most of them have blades that are stainless steel and stay sharp.

To help you choose the right pair of clippers for your dog, we have reviewed 10 of the best nail clippers we’ve found and rated them.

How We Choose Our Ratings

To rate the clippers, we examined several different types, took note of their features and read testimonials and reviews from buyers who bought them for their dogs. We then rated each pair from one to five stars, with five being the best rating.

Top 10 Dog Nail Clippers

With this information, you should be able to pick a good pair of dog nail clippers.

Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper  4.8 Stars

The Epica dog toenail clippers are made like those that professional groomers use on their canine clients. They are sturdy stainless steel that will keep their sharpness for a long time. The clippers come in two sizes, one suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and the other for medium to large dogs.

The handles have a rubber coating to be comfortable to hold onto when trimming nails. They are pliers-style clippers, which quickly cuts through dog nails, and the blade has a lock for safety. Epica stands behind their clippers with a 100% money back guarantee.

Simply Pets Online Professional Toenail Clippers  4.7 Stars

These Simply Pets Online clippers were designed by vets who use them every day. They are pliers-style for large breed dogs. The blades are stainless steel and stay sharp for years. They are a lightweight set of clippers that have rubber handles for comfortable, secure grip.

The blades lock into place for safe storage, plus there is a nail guard that helps prevent cutting the nails too short. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee on their clippers.

Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer  4.6 Stars

The Safari 770045 nail trimmers are pliers-style clippers with stainless steel blades that stay sharp for a long time. By clipping a dog’s nails regularly, you can maintain them to make sure they don’t grow too long. The trimmer has a safety stop to keep from clipping the nails too short.

The rubber handles give users a firm grip to keep them from slipping out of their hands. The blades lock in place for safer storage. They are available in one or two-packs for small and medium-size dogs or large dogs.

Boshel Dog Toenail Clippers and Trimmer  4.5 Stars

Boshel designs their dog toenail clippers to last and stay sharp for several years. The blades are 3.5mm stainless steel that trims nails by firming squeezing the handles. To help ensure the users’ grip is steady, the handles are made from non-slip rubber.

These clippers have a safety stop blade to prevent cutting a dog’s nails too short and accidentally clipping the quick. A small nail file is in the bottom of a handle to smooth the nails after trimming them. Filing them can ensure that there are no ragged edges that can snag on a carpet or rug.

Millers Forge Nail Clipper  4.5 Stars

The design of the heavy-duty Millers Forge Nail Clippers is for dogs who weigh at least 40 pounds. The sharp blades are made from German stainless steel and are meant to stay sharp for several years. The pliers-style clippers have non-slip ergonomic handles to keep a firm grip on them while clipping nails.

Both blades are sharp so that they can cut nails from the top and bottom at the same time. With sharp edges, cutting nails is quicker and easier to do.

OmegaPet Best Dog Toenail Clippers  4.5 Stars

OmegaPet’s dog toenail clippers have sharp blades to help make one clean cut through a large dog’s nails. They are stainless steel, which holds its edge for years. They have a nail safety guard to prevent cutting the nails too short and clipping the quick.

The ergonomic “Easy Grip” handles are longer than most trimmers, and they won’t slip out of large or small hands. The clippers are available in small for puppies, small dogs, and cats, or large for medium and large-sized dogs.

Pet Magasin Dog Toenail Clippers   4.5 Stars

These Magasin clippers are made to trim large dogs’ nails easily. The blades are sharp stainless steel that can cut through the nail in one try. They feature a safety stop to keep from clipping the nails down to the quick and causing them to bleed.

The design of the handles keeps them from slipping out of your hand, which can prevent injuring your pet. They come with a small file in the handle to make the nails smooth, so they don’t snag on fabrics, carpets, or area rugs.

Pet Republique Professional Dog Toenail Clippers  4.5 Stars

Pet Republique makes professional-grade toenail clippers for dogs of all sizes, including puppies. The pliers-style clipper blades are made from thick stainless steel and should last for several years. The handles won’t slip out of your hand while using them, which means you won’t accidentally injure your dog.

There is a safety feature on the blades to keep from cutting the nails too far, and the clippers lock for safer storage. The clippers are available in three sizes: mini for cats and other small animals, small for small and medium-sized dogs and puppies, and large for large breeds.

The small and large sizes can be bought with an optional file to file away any rough edges on the nails after trimming them. Pet Republique donates 15% from all sales to the American Animal Rescue Society.

GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats  4.3 Stars

GoPets Nail Clippers are pliers-style nail trimmers made from 3.5mm stainless steel that is strong and stays sharp for several years. Pet owners can clip their dogs, or cats, nails with one quick squeeze of the non-slip handles.

These clippers also have a safety guard to keep from over-clipping toenails, and the handles lock to make storing them safer. They are available in two sizes: small and large. Both have a file to get rid of any sharp edges after trimming your dog’s nails.

GoPets offers to refund your money or a replacement pair of clippers if you are not satisfied with their product. A portion of their profits goes to animal charities.

MoJo’s Dog Toenail Clippers & Trimmers  4.3 Stars

Mojo’s Dog toenail clippers are high-quality stainless steel that stays sharp for years. The pliers-style trimmers have an adjustable safety feature to keep from cutting the nails too short. The handle won’t slip from your hand as you clip your pet’s nails.

They are available in small and large sizes. If you’re not satisfied with the clippers after using them, the company offers a money back guarantee for all their products.

Buyer’s Guide for Dog Toenail Clippers

When buying a set of nail clippers for your dog, the first consideration needs to be your dog’s size. Large breeds have tougher nails than small dog breeds, so you’ll need a sharp pair of clippers that can quickly cut through them.

Pliers-style trimmers are recommended for large dogs as they can cut through the nails in a quick, single squeeze of the handle. If you’re buying clippers for a smaller breed, then guillotine style trimmers work best for their thinner nails. Look for a pair of nail trimmers with a safety guard to help you keep from trimming their nails too short and cutting them to the quick.

To get your dog used to the idea of having their nails cut, play with their paws, regularly examine them by spreading the toes apart, and have a pair of clippers in your hand when you do. Seeing or feeling the clippers against their paws will get them used to have the implement near them.

A good set of dog nail clippers can help you keep your dog healthy and happy by regularly trimming their nails to prevent injuries to them or developing infections.

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