Denamarin for Large Dogs: Should You Give These Supplements to Your Dog?

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Perhaps your veterinarian has recommended Denamarin for your dog. Denamarin for large dogs is not uncommon. Do remember that this is a supplement, though it may be treated as a prescription. Denamarin can be very helpful for dogs that are experiencing liver failure or illnesses of the liver. Denamarin for large dogs may also be used to help the kidneys in dogs in early stage renal failure. Ask your veterinarian why they have advised Denamarin for your dog and what they hope the impact will be.

a large pile of pills

What Is Denamarin for Large Dogs?

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Denamarin contains two different main ingredients. One is essentially the concentrate of the beneficial chemicals in milk thistle. That chemical is called silybin or silymarin, depending on the concentration and the origin of it.

Silybin helps promote the liver’s functionality. Denamarin for large dogs is usually prescribed when blood tests show that liver counts are low. Silybin gently helps the liver to function better and may even help replicate cellular regrowth when there are significant issues.

The second active ingredient is called SAMe, or S-Adenosyl methionine. This ingredient is a synthesized version of the same thing that your dog’s liver makes on its own. Essentially, the dog is getting a replication of its own amino acid. Usually, this amino acid compound is both produced and consumed in the liver.

Once SAMe production or consumption starts to drop off, the liver begins to lose a lot of its power. Denamarin for large dogs helps by replacing both the SAMe that the liver needs to function and the silybin that supports that function.

To help clear this up, imagine that it’s a little like diabetes. Ideally, insulin is used to support the pancreas to help bring diabetes under control. Eventually, perhaps the patient can be weaned away from the insulin addition once the pancreas heals and begins to produce enough of the hormone.

The difference here is that we’re dealing with an amino acid instead of a hormone. Though both heavily aid in digestion and absorption, they do act within the body in different ways. Still, Denamarin for large dogs is prescribed to help your dog boost their liver function and attempt to either replace some of that function or try to coax it back. Speak to your vet about which one it is. Some dogs may be able to come off this supplement, while terminal cases of liver illness or liver failure will usually end up staying on this for the rest of their days.

Metabolizing Denamarin

Denamarin for large dogs is usually quickly metabolized since it is a replication of something the body already knows what to do with. Want to know if your dog is metabolizing it?

Here’s what we suggest. For dogs that are easy to convince to take a pill, give them the whole pill for the first several days. Watch their excretions. If you see the tablet in a partial or complete form in their feces, you need to get back to the vet as soon as you can. If there’s no pill and no sign of it, your dog is probably metabolizing it fine.

For dogs that have no issue metabolizing it, but don’t take the pill you can grind this tablet. Then, make sure to mix it in their food. Completely crushing this, admittedly, the large pill does not change its uptake.

Benefits and Risks of Denamarin for Large Dogs

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With Denamarin for large dogs, the benefits wildly outweigh the risks. As we’ve covered above, this will give your dog with liver trouble a huge boost so long as they metabolize it. And most pets will, indeed, metabolize it.

As with any supplement, you do run some risks. Denamarin for large dogs is a supplement that has numerous studies done to make certain that the dosage on the box is indeed the dosage in the pill.

Supplements in the US are not as heavily vetted as actual prescriptions pharmaceuticals are. This means that, yes, while Denamarin for large dogs is pretty heavily monitored compared to many other drugs labeled as supplements, it doesn’t receive a huge burden of testing legally.

Despite that, we have to point out that Denamarin has never been recalled in its long history of usage. Denamarin’s head company does seem to be very careful about the dosage of this supplement, and for such a useful one we are very thankful of that.

Another small risk associated with Denamarin is long term dependency. Some dogs, even those who are not terminal cases, may find themselves on Denamarin for a long time after they begin to take it. The goal of this drug is to help heal livers but, to be blunt, some livers simply get lazy. A pet’s body says, “Oh, well, no need to do my own work. This pill does it for me!”

In cases like this, dogs will likely be slowly weaned off of Denamarin and to another drug that encourages the liver a bit more stubbornly. If you have any other concerns, speak to your vet immediately about Denamarin. It’s few risks make it a really solid supplement for dogs with liver problems.

Your Dog’s Health

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We know that there is nothing more important to you and your pup than your dog’s enduring health, even if your dog has been issued a terminal diagnosis. Ultimately, if your dog can metabolize Denamarin, it should help with all levels of liver problems and help relieve some of the problems early renal failure causes.

Remember that your veterinarian has suggested Denamarin for large dogs because they think it will help your dog’s liver or kidney function. However, liver function replication is a tricky thing. If your dog begins to vomit bile frequently or has trouble keeping down their dinner, call your vet immediately since those can be signs of worsening liver function. Also, watch out for yellowing of the whites of your dog’s eyes.

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