Control Your Dog’s Eating: Give Them A Slow Feed Dog Bowl


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There are many pet owners out there that don’t understand why it is important for their dogs to take their time as they eat. Often times pets gobble up their food in no time and there are some health risks associated with this.

Your pet might be gulping up food for many different reasons. He or she might feel like there is competition over the food if there are other dogs in the house, or your pet might not even be getting enough food. But no matter the case, you should take your dog to the vet to make sure there isn’t a health associated problem.

One breed that is known for their appetites is the Labrador Retriever. Many people who have labs can attest to the fact that they speed eat and take in their food quickly.

Dogs that eat rapidly are more susceptible to issues such as vomiting, stomach pain, other gastrointestinal issues and “dog bloat”. Dog bloat can potentially be fatal because of the pressure the expanded stomach can put on essential organs.

Some of us pet owners ourselves experience that when you rapidly eat food there is desire to eat more, because what you have eaten has not fully satisfied your hunger. That is the same in dogs. It is proven that dogs who eat quicker, have a bigger appetite. Because of an increase in the speed of eating, this could result in more begging faces in your lap at the dinner table.

Slow feed dog bowls are supposed to help stop dogs from quickly gulping down food.  If you have multiple dogs in your house, a slow feeding bowl might help solve some problems between dogs and their food. Slow feeding dog bowls usually use ridges and other grooves to help slow the dog down while eating.


You can find a good slow feed dog bowl at your local pet store, but there are also many options offered online as well. Rather than a plastic slow feeding dog bowl, you can get a stainless steel slow feed dog bowl or even a round ball to put into your dog’s dish.

To help your pet maintain a healthy weight you should start by looking at slow feed bowls for dogs and choosing the one best suited for your pet. The best slow feed dog bowl for your puppy could be made of stainless steel or even have a cool design in the middle.

Here is a popular Slow Feed Dog Bowl Small Dogs Love. Made for all breeds and sizes of dogs, you can find the slow feed bowl that is best for your dog.

If your dog has some of these bad eating habits, you can help kick it to the curb by trying to use a slow feed bowl. Just like any other product on the market it is not guaranteed that it will work, but there are many pet owners that will never go back to a regular dog bowl again.

AïKiou Activity Food Interactive Feeder for Dogs, Brown/Green

Feeders like the Activity Food Interactive Feeder above often challenge dogs when it’s meal time. A lot of dogs like playing games to get a treat or their food and it slows them down at the same time. Not only are these bowls entertaining for your pet, but also for you. Watching your pet try to eat their food out of an interactive feeder or slow feed dog bowl can be amusing.

If you think that a slow feed dog bowl would be beneficial to your pet you could always give it a try!

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