Canidae Life Stages for Large Breed Puppies Review

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canidaePeople who own large puppies have specific needs in terms of the food that they give to their dog. The bones and joints of large breed dogs are more susceptible to injuries and inflammation due to their rapid rate of growth.

Canidae Life Stages range of dog foods have specific formulas for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. In addition to their formulations for multi dog families, they have specific large breed puppy formulas, which are available in both dry and canned options. They are specially made for puppies with large appetites and a lot of growing ahead.

Large puppies require a higher protein and a lower fat content in order to help them to achieve and maintain their ideal weight. High levels of omega 3 fatty acids are also essential for large breed puppies as they help to reduce joint inflammation. Canidae

Large Breed Puppy food formulation provides more protein, more omega-3 and less fat than it’s competitor formulations. Check out this Canidae large breed puppy food review to give you some insight on choosing one that is best for your pet.

Nutritional Profile of the Canidae Large Breed Puppy Food

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B00CU7W6IK” locale=”US” src=”//” tag=”bestlargebree-20″ width=”327″]Canidae Life Stages Duck Meal, Brown Rice & Lentils for Large Breed Puppies contains high quality duck meal that is high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Duck meal is also a great source of carnitine. The product also contains brown rice, oats, peas, ocean fish meal, barley, white rice, rice bran, chicken fat, lentils, sun-cured alfalfa meal and flaxseed.

All flavorings are completely natural. The diversification of carbohydrate sources, including brown rice and lentils, will keep your large puppy fuelled for activity all day long.

Canidae dog food manufacturers are committed to putting in the bag what is on the bag. Because they own and manage their own manufacturing facilities right in the United States, they are able to control the integrity of each and every ingredient.

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From start to finish every product is followed throughout the entire supply chain. With Canidae it is all pure product. Canidae are intent on, not just on meeting the regulations set out by pet food regulating authorities, but of exceeding them.

Features of the Life Stages Puppy Food

Canidae Large breed puppy food offers an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids to prevent joint inflammation, which is a major issue in large breed puppies. It is designed for puppies that will grow to in excess of 50 pounds as an adult.

The formulation is preserved using mixed tocopherols, which provide a natural source of Vitamin E. The reliance on lentils as a key source of carbohydrates means that this product is both grain and gluten free.

The formulation also provides a ready supply of chondroitin and glucosamine to further enhance joint strength. It also contains guaranteed levels of live probiotic cultures to support healthy digestion. There are absolutely no fillers, artificial flavours or colourings in this product. The product is also free from soy, wheat, corn or hormones or preservatives.

canidae2Puppies love the taste that comes from the all-natural, all pure ingredients that make up this large breed puppy mix. Canidae Life Stages is available in either a 15 or a 30 pound pack and compares favorably with competing brands, which generally come in a few cents per pound  more expensive.

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While all dogs seem to love the taste of this large bred puppy food, the formulation does seem to cause loose stools in some dogs. Be aware of the issue and, if it occurs continually, consider another alternative.

Decision: Choose Now

Canidae Life Stages Duck Meal, Brown Rice & Lentils Formula for Large Breed Puppies is a great choice for your big puppy. It provides the highest quality high protein and low fat nutrients from duck, lentils and brown rice, along with an abundant amount of omega 3 fatty acids to reduce joint inflammation.

Your large puppy will love the taste, have energy to bowl you over and get all the nutrients needed for a healthy coat and a healthy body. All of this at a very competitive rate and it’s no wonder that Canidae is fast becoming the ‘go to’ product for large breed dog food.

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