Best Puppy/Dog Toys

It is best to give puppies safe toys that they can use to teeth due to their chewing behavior. The best chew toys for dogs are the ones that they can chew all day without destroying or accidentally eating in the meanwhile. Safe toys are the best toys for dogs and puppies. For a guide to the best toys, follow this page and find out what your puppy needs. In this article you’ll find the best toys for your dog or puppy, best interactive toys, best puzzle toys, best indestructible toys, best toys for small dogs, big dogs, pit bulls, and more.

Best Chew Toys For Puppies

Bully Stick (9/10)


Bully Sticks have been rated at a 9/10 for chew toys or teething toys for dogs or puppies. They are safe and effective and keep the dog busy all day, and possibly can last for many more days. The best kind to get for your dog are the ones that have been rinsed and dried, so you can do that yourself at home before giving it to your puppy.

The cool thing about bully sticks is that they actually taste good to a dog! How long they last depends on the type of dog and the aggression while consuming it. It can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple weeks!

There are many positive aspects of this chew toy and we rank this the best of them all. It is all natural, non-greasy, it doesn’t stain, and they have some nutritional value rather than chewing on a piece of plastic.

DANGERS: Be careful that the dog does not choke on the end piece because it can get so low that they cannot determine the fact that they must chew it before swallowing. We suggest that when it gets low, you replace the bully stick and take away the small end of the stick as soon as you can.

Rubber Chew (7/10)


Rubber chews can either be plain or stuffed with food to get your dog to chew on it and teeth some more. This ranks as one of the best chew toys for dogs or puppies and has been ranked at a 7/10 if given properly.

Although it does not taste the best for the young pups, the function remains the same. As opposed to the bully sticks which can easily be chewed up and needs to be replaced, the rubber chew toy stays in tact for months longer than the edible ones and depending on the dog, it can be indestructible.

They are usually made out of a natural rubber because they know that dogs will be chewing on it all the time. They do not have an odor which is a positive aspect of the toy. Another positive is that they do not stain anything if you do not put any foods like peanut butter in the middle of them.

The only downside of these toys is that the dogs do not care for them as much as they do when they have food inside or are able to be eaten. Obviously the dogs cannot digest the plastic, so you need to make sure they do not mistake it for any kind of food. They are always available and can be found at any market or grocery store at a fairly cheap price. They can also be found in different varieties and styles according to what your dog needs.

Nylon Chews (7/10)


Nylon chew toys are very durable and are one of the most indestructible chew toys for dogs. They can be flavored but the normal nylon chew toys are the ones that are just straight plastic. Although the dog does not have that great of a desire to chew on something that tastes like nothing, the shape of the bone attracts it to be one of the first ones they pick up as well as the way it feels on their teeth. Their taste is about a (4/10) due to the plastic instead of food, but they work better for teething because of how hard they are and the work that they do for the dogs.

There are a lot of pros about this toy. They are the fact that they do not stain and they are not messy at all. They have zero calories and contain nothing harmful for the animal. They’re easily and readily available at any grocery market or drug store. Different shapes and sizes can be found if you shop around or online for cheap prices.

The only negative thing about this toy is the danger that they could possibly break a tooth if they naw a bit too harder than their teeth can handle.

Corn Starch Chews (6/10)


These chews are made out of corn starch and flavorings. They taste great to the dogs and puppies that intake this chew toy. It is different and much more pleasurable than plastic and nylon chew toys. You can attach these onto anything, just like the side of the package says, you just need to make sure that the toy you are attaching it to is made to sustain and hold it so it does not go out of reach for the pup.


Rawhide (6-7/10)


Rawhide has been ranked at around a 6 or 7 out of 10. The design makes it extremely hard to choke on and can be carried around easily. These are your typical “dog bones” that pop up into your mind when you think about that word. As you know, these are very easily found in drug stores, markets, and online. Different flavors are available and can be found in the pet aisle on the market. Rawhide is a layer of skin that usually comes from cows. It is completely safe for a dog to ingest. It can take anywhere form 30 minutes to 2 months for a dog to teeth on and eat completely. Depending on the dog, the last little pieces will be easy to choke on and need to be taken away. The rawhide has little odor and is not greasy at all.

Although it is ranked a 6/10 for overall experience and use, there are many dangers that come along with it and we suggest you stay away from them when you have the ability to purchase something else. The concerns lie within chemical processing and possible contamination concerning bacteria. Sometimes it can be indigestible which is dangerous and uncomfortable for your puppy or your dog. Wash the bone before giving to your pet and make sure that you read all the labels if it is from a mass produced company.

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Best Interactive Dog Toys

Bob A Lot


This interactive dog toy provides your puppy or dog with hours of mental stimulation and brain activity. This dog toy will force the dog to think about what they are doing and think about the objective of the toy itself. The main objective would be to keep bobbing it to get the food out and depending on the dog type or the dog personality, it could take them seconds to figure out or hours to figure out that the more they bob the toy, the more food comes out. The openings can be altered to adjust the difficulty for the dog. You can either buy the suggested food or fill it with your own kind, as long as it is small enough to fit through the little hole at the bottom. This interactive toy can keep your dog busy for as long as they let it. If this is how you would like to feed them, then you can certainly do that, as long as they do not give up.

Automatic Ball Launcher


Automatic ball launches are one of the best interactive dog toys on the market due to the simplicity of them. It will force the dog to figure out for himself the difficulties of the procedure. He must place the ball into the funnel in order for it to be shot again, and showing them how it works first may be a key step in them figuring out what the instrument even is. The toy will shoot the ball back out for the dog to go run after again and trains their brain to remember how that happened and what they need to do in order for that to happen again.

The Best Dog Puzzle Toy


This clever interactive puzzle will force the dog to use their brain, paws, and noses to figure out where the hidden treats are. With this specific example, there are 8 different bones they need to remove in order to maximize their treat intake. There are a variety of different styles and levels you can purchase for your dog. These toys are a bit more expensive depending on the level and the complexity of the toy is that you are purchasing for your puppy or dog. They can be found on amazon, or anywhere online. Click HERE to find this deal and a bunch of other great dog toy deals too!