Best Electric Fences for Dogs

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Are you looking for one of the best electric dog fences? You have come to the right place. Thousands of people struggle to restrain their dogs. It is a common problem. Lack of a fence allows for when the pet ends up trespassing to a neighbor’s property or getting lost altogether. Constructing a stone wall may restrain the dog, but it blocks your view of your surroundings. Luckily, there are numerous types and brands of electric fences out there for your dog.

Before You Buy

The Animal People Magazine estimates that more than 6 million dogs die after being crushed by cars every year. In addition, families across the word lose a pet every two seconds. These statistics show how important it is to restrain your dog effectively. Whether you choose above ground electric fence for dogs or an underground option, let it be functional. The best electric dog fence is the one that actually meets your needs. Do you need an electric fence for small dogs or big dog breeds? What kind of property do you have? Who are the people living on the property? When you answer these questions and more, you will be closer to finding the best electric fence for dogs. As different types have pros and cons, it is prudent to compare.

Wireless Electric Fence for Dogs


What happens when you are out in your yard with your dog playing? The dog runs away. It is extremely difficult for the dog to find its way back, unless it is very well trained. This is a scenario where an electric fence for dog comes in handy.
A wireless electric fence for dogs has two main components- a transmitter and a collar. The two gadgets are operated by a battery. You simply install the collar on the dog’s neck. To complete installation, program the transmitter to a certain desired distance. The transmitter sounds an alarm when the dog moves past the demarcated radius.
The maximum boundary of a wireless dog fence is usually between 55-124 yards and varies from brand to brand. These fences are ideal if your dog has a large area to run around. It is also ideal for you if you rent property and are bound to move out after some time because it eliminates the need of a physical structure, many homeowners find the portable electric dog fence very useful. One drawback of wireless electric dog’s fences is the fact that you have to train the dog to get used and to respond to the alarm. You can find a dog trainer in your local estate or town to help you out with training.

The following are common brands of wireless electric dog fence

PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Dog Containment System– It comes with additional transmitters to demarcate your boundary more effectively. It will sound the alarm when the dog goes past 90 feet in all directions. It can be used on an unlimited number of dogs that weigh 8 pounds and above. The battery lasts 3 months and is replaceable.

Havahart Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs– It lets your dog go up to 400 feet from the transmitter in all directions. It comes with two collars to enable you restrain two dogs at the same time. The collars are weatherproof. The battery lasts 3 days and is replaceable.

Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence– You can restrain your dog up to 360 feet away from the transmitter on all directions. This brand can support up to two dogs that weigh 10 pounds or more. The gadget is weatherproof while its batteries are rechargeable. They last a week before needing recharging.

Underground Electric Fence for Dogs

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Just as the name suggests, an underground electric dog fence is buried in the ground. It is therefore invisible and does not block your view of the surrounding area. Unlike the wireless fence that uses a battery-operated collar and transmitter, this one is connected directly to a power source. This electric fencing for dogs is usually laid a few inches underground and is therefore referred to as an in-ground fence. When your dog approaches the specified perimeter or
steps on the fence, the gadget sounds an alarm. It is therefore ideal for dog owners who rarely travel with their dogs or who dislike the idea of the dog chasing cars. A wireless electric dog fence describes a certain circle within which the dog should observe. This usually limits the dog’s playground to a mere circle. You can install an underground electric fence for dogs to assume the exact shape of your compound. This increases the dog’s living and playing area.
The fact that it uses power directly from a mains supply is an advantage. After all, you might not know when batteries run out of charge. By the time you find a replacement battery, the dog may have strayed away. The best underground fences enclose a 20-25-acre property and are ideal for farm houses and other large properties.

The following are popular brands of underground electric fences for dogs.

Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System– It functions around a 500 feet distance and can control an unlimited number of dogs. Purchase this brand if your dogs weigh more than 10 pounds. While the device is weatherproof, it has replaceable batteries that last up to three months.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence– This is perhaps the in-ground pet fence that serves the largest area. Purchase it if your dog has up to 25 acres of space. As it can restrain an unlimited number of dogs that weigh 20 pounds and above, it is ideal for large farms and commercial dog establishments. The replaceable batteries can last up to four months.

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence– This brand is also suitable for large area establishments and farm houses, thanks to its ability to restrain dogs up to 5000 feet away. Use it on an unlimited number of pets that weigh 5 pounds and more. The replaceable batteries of the weather proof dog fence lasts up to three months.

Importance of Electric Dog Fences


Buying a portable electric dog fence is ideal for families that love vacationing and moving from one place to another. According to the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior, you are likely to be 92% effective if you use a static correction on all your dogs. A dog electric fence is the most effective way of keeping your dog within your property.
The electric dog fence cost is usually lower than the cost of other fencing alternatives. It is wise to compare the prices of the various electric fence brands against their efficiency. The most expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the most functional. The fact that there is little or no maintenance is an added advantage.
The above fences keep your pets inside their space efficiently.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Electric Dog Fences

After knowing the functionality and benefits of electric fences for dogs, it is time to head to the store. However, there are hundreds of brands out there and the sales representatives may overwhelm you. It is important to do your own homework first before heading to the shop. Learn the needs of the dog as well as your family tastes. This way, you will make an informed choice. It is prudent to prepare a checklist of the following considerations before buying an electric dog fence.

Your dog’s living and playing area -The transmitter describes the area that the electric fence covers. For many electric fences, the minimum is one acre while the maximum is 25 acres.

Your dogs’ size – An electric fence for small dogs will not be efficient if used for larger ones. Some electric fences can only be used on one dog while others allow an unlimited number of dogs.

• How easy is it to install? – The last thing you want is an electric dog fence installation that is too complicated or too laborious. Luckily, most wireless systems can be set up in less than an hour.

• Features of the device- If the device is weatherproof and dirt-proof, you know you have a good deal. This is because some electric devices are prone to damage by water in rainy season. The collar strap should be so strong that the dog cannot remove or chew up.

• Battery functionality– The longer the life of the battery, the better the device. You do not want to recharge or replace batteries after every couple of days. This is perhaps why in-ground dog fences are popular, as they use mains power.

• Low-power warning– Imagine the convenience of having a wireless system that warns you when its battery is about to die down. Ask this from the sales representatives at each store you visit.

• Safety time out feature– Let the dog’s collar sound an alarm or vibrate for a certain period then go off automatically. This prevents exposing your pet to electric stimulation for too long. You do not want a collar that induces shock.

• The electric dog fence cost– Common fences cost in the range of $100-$400. However, advanced features may push the cost higher than this range. Consider the size of your property and the ease of use when comparing prices.

• Battery backup and surge protector– What happens in the event of power outage? Your electric fence becomes ineffective. Therefore, invest in electric dog fence wireless systems with a battery backup system such as a UPS. More importantly, let the above ground electric dog fence have a surge protector to keep lightning strikes away.

• Level of Maintenance– If you need to recharge the batteries and clean the devices every day, you need to employ someone to do maintenance. This is undesirable as it increases your cost. Therefore, purchase electric fence dog systems that are maintenance free.

Now that you have everything you could possibly need to determine what electric dog fence to get, go get one! There is one out  there that is ideal for you and your pet and all you have to do now is find it.

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